Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tough Round 9!

I am having a heck of a time getting very far on this round. I'm having a hard time with the direction on this one - making a ring and then working a chain to connect on the left and not flipping just seems wrong to me.  I can't seem to get everything to lay nice and flat - not intuitively, anyway.  And I was trying to tat front-side/back-side, but I've messed that up too. (I know it doesn't really matter, but I do like the look.) Now I see I've missed a picot - fortunately, only one repeat back to un-tat. Ugh. 

Do you ever experiment, and then when you like what you've done, not remember how the heck you did it? I make that first ring, and then move the threads behind the ring to continue with the chain to the left of the ring. I think I tried moving one thread behind and one in front, then both behind, etc.  

I like how the chains lay beneath the ring on the left, but the two on the right are off.  Dang if I remember what I did differently, and I don't "see" it.  I have to pick out those two anyway, so I'll be doing some more experimenting.  Any suggestions would be more than welcome :)

The hurrieder I go the behinder I get!  Definitely can't rush this round ...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

WIOSNA 2015 Doily - Round 8

Ta-Da!  It gets prettier each time around.  And more difficult to photograph!

Using size 20 Lizbeth, this doily is now about 13 inches in diameter.  I think size 30 thread may have ended up a nicer size, but I have lots of size 20 thread - so it's fine!

Ready for Round 9 after a LOT of long chains.  I don't much care for them, since they seem very difficult to keep neat and even, but maybe that's just me. This round took about 4 hours and 40 minutes.  I'm now officially obsessed with keeping track of the time it takes :)

Now, to add some more of the variegated thread.  I'll have to experiment with that and see if it will work in the next round, or if I should wait and use it in the final round.  Decisions, decisions!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WIOSNA 2015 Doily - Round 7

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  The green round is done ;)

Whew!  I'm finally ready to get started on the next round.  


Round 7 took me 8 hours and 42 minutes.  I took a deep breath and added up the time I've got into this doily so far.  Any guesses?  A whopping 36 hours and 48 minutes!  On top of my full time job.  (No wonder the house needs dusting and Ruby remains unimpressed!) I suppose 36 hours and 48 minutes isn't really that bad over a period of 7 weeks.

This green Lizbeth gave me a few troubles. There seemed to be untwisted (or looser than normally twisted?) sections of thread - I'd catch just part and it was HELL trying to correct or tat over it. In one instance I just had to cut it off.  And these instances just popped up for no particular reason - so frustrating.  I won't be trying to incorporate any more of this green, just to avoid the issue.

Ruby does not care about doilies OR St. Patrick's Day.  OK, maybe the corned beef is a little bit interesting.