Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring Doily - Round 7

I loved tatting this 7th round - little butterflies!  But the rounds are beginning to take longer, and I’m pretty sure this is where I’m going to start getting behind the posted weeks.  Not that it matters, but it would be nice to keep up.
Renulek's Spring Doily 2018 - Round 7 of 13
The doily is now about 7-3/4” in diameter using size 30 thread.  I had intended to add some ivory rounds, but the thread I have is too yellow, and didn’t blend nicely. I think the white I have is TOO white, so I’m back to the ecru, hoping to get one more round out of the HDT.  Ideally I would use the HDT for the final round, but my luck, I’d run out an inch from the end. Ha! Not gonna take that chance.

In my CAVE / STUDIO / SKUNKWORKS, I’ve been rearranging fabric and supplies.  It’s hard to work in there when it gets so out of control, and with my collage project, it got out of control!  So this weekend has been a little less tatting and sewing, and a lot more organizing and cleaning than I'd planned.

I showed my hubby something I’ve been wanting to do - make a wider ironing board top that is used by many quilters.  After assessing my room and supplies, I decided it would be better to have an ironing board on top of a little cupboard I had in the closet rather than one to fit on top of the ironing board.  This frees up the closet for more organizing (with yet another project for hubby - shelves!)  This might free up my ironing board for ironing clothes once in awhile also. Possibly.

During my web surfing research, someone had noted to cover the board with tin foil to protect it from the steam from the iron so the board doesn’t warp.  Made sense to me - I use a lot of steam. So cover it with tin foil I did!

I just happened to have a large enough piece of fabric (imagine that) and a couple of pieces of batting to make a cover.  I just sewed up three sides, turned it right side out, stitched the end closed (just like a bag - ha ha!) and finished with a double row of stitching all the way around to get the edges good and flat. I thought that make it easier to attach to the board underneath.

Voila!  A nice, large surface to press fabric on, and more room in the closet to organize! I will not be photographing the closet any time soon . . .

I’ve seen these tops for ironing boards sell for about $130 - this cost me about $14. Wooooo!

Cheapy McCheaperMom strikes again!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tatting AND Quilting, Oh My!

Round 6 of Renulek’s Spring Doily 2018 - done!  I’m really enjoying tatting this doily so far - it’s been simple rounds, and is going well.  I’m not sure where to add some plain cream thread yet, but that’s the plan.  And then eventually another round of the variegated.  We’ll see where each color seems to fit.

I also got my pink squares mailed off for the Tat a Brussels Monument project.  That is such a huge project - it will be fun to see how it is displayed this summer.  I can’t imagine putting all of these little squares (10,000?!) together - I have a hard enough time completing a doily!  It’s been fun to follow along and see the submissions from all over the world.  I only managed to get 6 squares completed, but a submission nonetheless, and with heartfelt wishes for all women.  What a wonderful project to bring attention to tatting, and how so many from all over the world can come together with a common interest.

And [as if I don’t have enough projects and interests already]  I saw this wonderful collage quilt in my local quilt shop last fall.  I’ve been watching for classes ever since, and finally they had one!  I thoroughly enjoyed learning this new technique, and though I’m not thoroughly satisfied yet, here’s my start:

I am continuing to add to the seahorse’s tail, and I’m going to cover the orange fin with flowers - that orange is really bugging me!   I also tried a small Minnesota shaped collage - another collage style with strips of fabric covering the image.  This small one, of course, is a little quicker - and can be used on smaller items or glued to greeting cards.  I see a few of these in my future, not sure what I will use them on, but they will be handy for something!

My sewing room is a disaster, so tonite I think I’ll tat.  HA!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Flying Week!

Some weeks just seem to fly by, while others seem to drag on forever.  This was a busy week at work,  so it really flew!

Though just posted on Thursday, I worked on Round 4 of the Spring Doily a little at a time all week.  This round, I decided to add some of my precious HDT.  Perfect to keep the doily in a more neutral color, I used “Parchment” from Yarnplayer that I’ve had stashed for 304575027 years.

I think it matches well enough to accent this doily - there’s just a tiny bit of the same ecru in it.  I just hope I will have enough to get through another larger round.

I’m ready to start Round 5!  I really do love focusing on just one round a week.  Even though I have the pattern and can work ahead a little, it’s not so overwhelming when focusing on just completing one round.  And notice I said “working ahead” - ha! I don’t think there’s a rule that you have to stick only to the current week. That is definitely not going to happen in later rounds.

On another note, I decided the end of January to try ordering from Wish-dot-com, as I’ve seen it advertised quite a bit. I saw a couple of people post on a Facebook group that they’ve successfully ordered many times from there, so I thought since it’s so inexpensive, I’d try it, knowing that it takes a few weeks to receive an order.  I ordered 4 items on January 27th, and have received 3 so far.

The packages were incredibly tiny - I can’t believe they didn’t get lost between China and Minnesota!

I ordered these pretty buttons - 100 of them for $1.  I thought they’d be perfect to tat on, and no, I didn’t need 100, but for a buck?  Why not?

Ha Ha - they are much smaller than I thought. I will need to use about size 80 thread for these!  It’s OK - I can use them on sewing too.

Still waiting on one more package of 100 buttons that say “Hand Made” on them.  Just because - ha!  These were $1 each - 100 labels, 100 buttons and 50 handmade charms. Should last me the rest of my life, LOL.

AND, I watched much of the Westminster Dog Show on Monday and Tuesday.  It’s interesting to hear the different breed qualities and what they were originally bred to do. Most people get a cute puppy without considering the natural temperament and behavior, and unfortunately, we then end up with so many rejected dogs in rescue situations. I also love to see the dog’s names, and then their fancy registered names too. I especially noticed the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named “Ducky”.  Ooooh.  That’s a dangerous name, I thought.  Then I saw his fancy registered name - “What the Duck”. The more we thought about the play on words for a Duck Trolling Retriever, the more it made us laugh. (OK, weird humor.) In any case, we always cheer for a Boxer in the Working Group, but alas, the beautiful Giant Schnauzer won. Ruby disagreed.

Twin Cities Tatters meets today, so I’m in tatting mode.  What great group - I think we learn something or gain a new tip every single time we meet!