Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We continue to have a yard full of tiny little frogs.  This little guy joined me at our bonfire the other night.  I kicked him off my chair when I realized he was frighteningly close to my HAIR . . .

I went in the house for a few minutes, and when I came back - he was there again!  Persistent little bugger.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Little Inspiration . . .

I've been focusing a lot on work and other things lately and . . . not much tatting.  BUT, last weekend at our Twin Cities Tatters gathering, one of our tatters shared some tatting books she found at her library.  My own library does not have many tatting books, but she was lucky to find several!

This one really caught my eye:

It's by Tomoko Morimoto, the daughter of the one and only Teiko Fujito.  This book is from 2012, but I don't recall seeing it mentioned much before.  It has really nice motifs and small items to work up quickly, plus a few beautiful doilies.  This book, and some talk of Renulek's beautiful doily tat-alongs, really inspired me to get a new tatting project started.  My T.A.T. projects are going kinda slow - not inspiring enough to hold my interest at the moment, but I was really thinking about getting back into the tatting spirit.

So, I ordered the book, and got it Friday - the same day I found out I have "Trigger Thumb".  Yep.  Tendonitis in my right thumb/hand. Dr.'s orders were "no use of the right hand"  all weekend, plus anytime outside of WORK for a minimum of 1 week. [I'm already finding it hard to hold a glass of wine in my left hand, ha!]

It's not like I've been idle since my last post (in JUNE) though.  I have picked strawberries and made jam (twice), read a couple of books, started a book club of high-school friends, and felt the sewing bug bite hard enough to visit the quilt shop and make a few aprons.  Not to mention working.  A lot.

This simple apron pattern has a dishtowel attached to the front - something I thought would be very handy, as I'm always looking for the towel to wipe my hands on.  (Usually, my butt is covered in flour and I completely miss the apron anyway.) 

 I  made one apron for each of my girls, and eventually made one for myself too :) 

And, in the latest family news, my baby is engaged.  This little cutie-patootie has turned into a beautiful young woman who is bubbling over with joy!  And who has lots of ideas and plans that Mom gets to be in on :) It's so exciting to watch.

Isn't life grand?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Can You Believe it's June?

Two months have gone by since my last blog post - life has taken over!  I'm working a new job within the same office, while still doing the old job until someone is hired.  Makes for an exhausted brain.  And now it's June (can you believe it?) - graduations, weddings and so much gardening work to fill my "spare" time.

I've been tackling my T.A.T. projects, though bit by bit and slowly as time (and well, desire) allows.  Currently I'm working on varying picots - so many ways to add dimension and intrigue to a tatted piece with a picot alone.  If I were a designer, I'd be up all night trying to figure out some clever pattern using interesting picots!  I'm a much better pattern-follower than designer ;)  I will be sharing some more of my thoughts on unique picots.

Minnesota has finally decided to have some Spring/Summer weather.  After all the wintry depression I posted about, it's time to share some of my beautiful views of late!

My birds are back, and so much fun to watch - bluebirds, pheasants, orioles and finches:

We have deck weather again!

And even when it's rainy, it's a beautiful shade of green out there. So, so much better than all that snow we had.