Thursday, May 4, 2017

Where did April Go?

Here in Minnesota, we went from Winter to Spring to Winter to Fall to Spring again in April!  Sheesh! One doesn't know what to wear from one day to the next!

I've still been working on Ice Drops - nothing fancy, only two variations.  I love this one though:

This one was made with thread that my coworker brought to me from India.  It's fun with a little metallic twist and a somewhat "mirrored" gem.

Over the weekend, my two daughters and I had an "Artsy-Fartsy" afternoon making some signs at a "Brushes and Boards" event.  This type of event is pretty popular around here - making signs, painting on canvas, planting terrariums, etc.  Fun to get out and make something with a group - even if I don't need anymore crafty decor!

I also went to a little "Intro to Nature Photography" class at a local Nature Center.  I'm not really a "beginner" but I always think you can get some tips from other photographers, no matter how experienced you might be!  We also had a chance to get out and take some photos of some spring budding going on.

And then there's that crazy Snapchat app so many are talking about.  One daughter and I have been sending eachother crazy pictures on there, testing out all the newest possibilities.  Such a waste of time, but, boy - do we laugh!

Oh dear.  I like some pictures better than others - ha ha!


Sunday, April 9, 2017

More Ice Drops and Some Zen

I finally branched out to another variation of the ice drop - I don't remember if this pattern has a name or not, but I like it!  I'm not sure what I'll try next - but I feel like I need to do several of a pattern before I move on.  OCD?  Ha ha.  

And it's been really nice outside here the past few days, so anything to get outside for a minute.  Even to get a photo - the yard isn't very nice looking yet, but it will do for a background - just to breathe in some fresh air :)

It's fun planning our summer tatting retreat - it's not until July, but I know it will come up fast.  We really don't want to plan a detailed retreat, but it helps to have some kind of outline.  I'm SO looking forward to it!


I've been back to a little tangling this week too - and playing with some colored backgrounds.  It's been a few weeks since I played with Zentangle, so I feel like I've "lost" a little that I had learned about lines and shading. Like anything else, you have to keep practicing to keep growing.

I like the black ink over a colored background - and making the background is almost as much fun as the drawing :)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Found it!

Whew - I didn't throw it away by accident! It's a relief, for sure, as I have about 60 hours into this doily.  I was so worried!  It was in a strange, unexpected place, but safe and sound.  And crumply.  But that's OK!

It's my sign to FINISH it.  I will continue to keep track of the time it takes to make this beauty, but I don't think I will ever do that again. I think that may be why I stopped working on it - the stress of thinking about the time I was investing in it took away the joy of tatting it.  

A new goal!  Finish this doily (finally) by the end of July.  Maybe by county fair time?  It doesn't matter when.  I'm just so relieved to have found it!