Sunday, January 6, 2019

Wedding Pennies

I finally got these two wedding memento pennies done for my daughters.  I’ve been meaning to do them, but didn’t really think they were terribly interested.  The weddings were in 2015 and 2016.  My daughters LOVE them - makes me happy knowing they really are interested, they just don’t ask for these things.

I wanted to include their wedding party colors, as well as a little piece of lace from the day.  The lace was significant for both of them. One daughter was married on her grandparent’s anniversary, and I CUT my mom’s wedding dress up to make straps and a belt for her dress. (See my face of horror  HERE).  My other daughter had me CUT my dress for her headpiece.  HERE is that beautiful chunk of my dress!

So both memento pennies have a little lace attached.  It just seemed like it had to be there.

Now the search is on for 2019 pennies for the upcoming babies, graduations and weddings.  I really do love making little mementos for such special occasions.