Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pinterest, Shutterfly and Mod Podge

. . . oh my!

Sometimes I love a quick craft. Not something that looks cheap or homemade, but something quick and easy that actually looks pretty nice.  

OK, I'm too cheap to buy wall art too.  And I love many ideas I find on Pinterest.  Oh, and I love taking photos too - I just don't always know what to do with them. has allowed me to put my photos in books, on mugs, and make cards.  So I put all that together and made a piece of wall art for the walls in my freshly painted home office with a photo I took a couple of years ago in Gamla Stan, Sweden.

I just love this picture of a door in the old historic town.  I just think it's a cool old door.  (Funny to see the Operation ID sticker on the window - I thought that was a U.S. thing.) 

I cropped the door from this original photo:

The idea on Pinterest was to mod podge a photo to a canvas.  Hhhmmm.  I received an email from Shutterfly offering a FREE 16x20 print.  JoAnn's had their canvases on sale for 50% off.  Already have the mod-podge.  Hhhhmmmm.  Ordered the print for about $6 shipping, bought an 18x24 canvas, and . . .

I painted the outer edges of the canvas black with some acrylic paint, sponged on a layer of mod-podge and adhered the print to the canvas.  (This is where you need to press and position the print, as well as make sure there are no bubbles.)  Easy peasy.  Two coats of mod-podge over the top of the whole thing, and ta da!  An 18 x 20 piece of wall art in about one hour that easily cost less than $20.

 It looks even better in person - my coworkers were impressed, and there are now several photos and ideas spinning.  I have a couple more photos of my favorite canines that could work . . .