Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Time to End the Blog 6/9/20

I guess now is as good a time as any to end the blogging. My posts are few and far between, and I’m just going to enjoy without documenting 😊 After all, I’ve been blogging for about 11 years!  I’ve met the nicest people all over the world, got our local Twin Cities Tatters group started with Telamagistrae, and had fun with exchanges and so much great sharing of advice and techniques.  Maybe someday there will be an inkling to return, but for now it's time to move on.

I'll still be sewing and tatting though! And trying to put a few things in my Etsy shop here and there. 

I'll end with a few of my latest project fun:

  • Beanie Baby Loveys for some babies I know

  • And Quarantine purchases from Etsy - are these little thread bowls cute or what?
Pottery bowl from Whistle Stop Wool

3D printed bowl from Arial's Creations

Be happy and stay healthy and safe!
Best Wishes,

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Tatting Challenge Progress

I’m continuing work on Tat-a-Renda's 14-day Tatting Challenge. Slow, but sure and relaxed, which is the intent!  Currently on Round 7, and she has posted up through Round 12.  A little each evening for me is just what I need, as the software battles and frustration during the work day leave my brain (and my eyes!) a little too tired for much handwork.  But it’s coming along nicely.  I think I’ll ruin the overall pattern that this doily is shaping if I change back to the variegated for a round or two, so I’ll stick with white for now.  Maybe the final edge will allow for some color again?  We shall see!

At some point we'll be able to look back on this time and remember how it changed the world.  I wonder what new ideas and norms may come from this?  Will we appreciate more and want for less? Will our environment benefit greatly?  What will the changes be for businesses like manufacturing, software, internet, restaurants?  Without focus on the gloom and doom of the situation, we can concentrate on the opportunities for bettering the world. Stay strong, friends.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Minnesota SHUTDOWN

Well, here we are.  Governor Walz of Minnesota issued a 'Stay at Home' order effective Friday 3/27/20 at 11:59 pm until April 10th.  This is undeniably an historic time for the world.

I am fortunate to be able to work at home within the Transportation/Road Construction field. It’s a bit odd to wish for road construction here in Minnesota, but it will keep myself and my coworkers employed for now.

Working from home is going well - I hope this will transition many more people into the electronic world so we can quit printing so much stuff and using all that paper!  I’ve been leaning more and more this way over the past few years, mostly because of work with auditors and documenting absolutely everything I do.  Fortunately, it’s helping me now.

So, how do you store your patterns for tatting or sewing?  I use Google docs, and most often have my phone in my lap with my pattern available as I tat.  I use my iPad for sewing patterns most of the time.  There are times I still like my hard copy pattern out, but I’m getting used to viewing them all electronically.

Currently, I’ve been working on Tat-a-Renda's 14-Day Challenge in the evenings.  I’m a little behind, but that’s OK!  It’s a nice, easy, stress-free pattern to work on when time permits. I’ve chosen a springy colorway, so hope abounds! Phone in lap as we watch TV is the method I’m using for this.

I'm currently adding a couple of rounds in white, so I’ll just keep it at that for the time being. I’m due for a non-stressful, enjoyable tat. I'm hoping to keep my mind on task so I have something to show for surviving this global pandemic someday.  

Stay healthy and safe!  

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

What A Month This Week Has Been! 😉

This blogging thing is so getting away from me!  We are so used to instant information via social media, that I forget to take any time to blog (because yes, it does take some time) and also read blogs that interest me.

Now that we are experiencing the critical shut downs and stay-at-home days, I’m home with a case of a cold and bronchitis.  Normally, this wouldn’t require staying home more than a day or so, but to be safe and not spread the tiniest cold germs, I’m home.  Fortunately, I can accomplish some work at home, and have the process started to be able to work remotely more often.

I’m finding a little time to get some sewing and tatting done, but I’m not starting any large projects for now.  I’ll save those for the possibility of being home for an extended period of time.

Over the weekend I was making burp cloths.  Yep.  From cloth diapers.  Mom has made many for her great grandies, and my daughters love them.  So now, I’m making some for gifts and a couple more to have on hand myself.

They are so easy, and if they are useful, I’m all for it!

I think I’ll start working on some bags for the Etsy shop now.  I will be digging in supplies today to see what I can find.  That should take the better part of my day, LOL.

Hard to believe we were off in a mini-vacation just 2 weeks ago before this Coronavirus pandemic began. 😳   

Good thing we love our Minnesota backyard, because it sounds like we won’t be going anywhere else for awhile. Stay safe and healthy, wherever you are.