Saturday, July 25, 2015

More with Sulky Blendables

I've squeaked out another tatted cross with the Sulky Blendables.  

Mary Konior's Large Cross is one of my favorite crosses, but it truly is 'large'.  I've tatted it in the past with size 20 thread and it ends up as big as a page in a book!  (Ok, my book does suggest size 40 thread, but I have such an abundance of beautiful colors in size 20). The sulky thread is the perfect size, and as I've said before, it would compare to size 40.  Maybe I should start using the recommended thread sizes?  

In any case, a beautiful pattern is even more wonderful with the right thread!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Secret Project - Done!

Remember the Secret Quilt from my post back here? I just finished sewing the binding on it. Yay! The birthday is exactly one month from today, so I am so pleased and relieved to not have to rush in between wedding preparations.  I love it when plans come to fruition without setbacks!

Can you see the quilting?  Fish jumping.

Here's a better look ...

I was so excited to see that option when I was choosing the stitch pattern for the quilting - a perfect finish.  The only thing left to make is the label for the back with the date and quilt info, along with the birthday message.  Just need to get the right permanent pen. There is a new Hobby Lobby that just opened nearby that needs some investigation anyway ;)