Sunday, March 27, 2011

Live and Learn

Thanks for all the input on color choice for the last round of this doily.  It really helps to hear other opinions, and I did think about it a little differently after reading the comments. 

My first thought was the lavender because it would probably blend in subtly, exactly as some said.  But then I thought about the comment saying whatever color I chose would be the main color of the doily overall.  Lavender didn't seem like a good choice then. Green was good too, but it seemed like it would be too dark.

I did really like how the yellow/peach thread matched the color in the Summer Trail, so after thinking about what the overall color might be, I went with that one.  It matches very well, and doesn't stick out as dramatically as I thought it would.  Finally done!  It's good to turn that To-Do into a Ta-Da. 

That said, I'm going back to making doilies in mostly ecru, cream or white, with just a little color accent.  Who in the sam hell would use a doily this color?  The thread is beautiful, the pattern is beautiful, but really, as a whole it is not appealing to me.   I'm not sure why I thought this variegated thread was a good idea - I've always crocheted doilies in a cream, white or ecru, with possibly a hint of color using a solid thread. Is it just boring old me? I think this would have been better in a cream color, with or without the color on just the last round.  Disappointing that I won't ever use it, but a good lesson.  Sometimes it doesn't work to think outside the box!  Live and learn.  I'll save the beautiful HDTs for bookmarks and motifs!

Thread color choice is so important, just like it is with fabrics for quilting.  It is definitely personal preference, but it is amazing how patterns can look so different with various color choices.  

I am already choosing another doily pattern to work on.  It will probably be in boring old cream this time :) 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Which one would you use?

I got on a roll to finish the Starlight Doily this weekend, and now that I'm down to tatting the final round I am positive I don't have enough thread. It might be close, but I don't want to get 7/8 of the way done and run out! I'm disappointed in myself for not thinking a bit more ahead for the doily and using the Summer Trail HDT on something different, but here I am pondering what to use for the last round.  The threads I could use are Lizbeth and perle cotton, but since the doily is just going to be for personal satisfaction, I'm not worried about mixing the types of thread.  What would you use for the last round?  I have a choice, but looking for other thoughts.

Here are my choices:

Cream, lavender, green or yellow/orange.  They all match well, I am just thinking about how I might ruin it with the wrong color choice.

I'm almost here . . .

So which color would you use?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bookmarks and Threads

More bookmarks for my stash!  These will be Motif #s 13 & 14.  I have recently given away more bookmarks - it's so nice to have them on hand to give to friends that are interested in seeing my tatting, and also to include in birthday or get-well cards.

2nd 25-Motif Challenge
Motif #13
Salmon colored size 8 cotton perle

2nd 25-Motif Challenge
Motif #14
Yarnplayer's Tourmaline HDT, Size 20 

I made the second one to practice my own stitches and get it a bit neater, and I also thought it would turn out a tad smaller using this thread.  I was surprised that it is very much the same size, if not bigger, than the size 8 perle cotton.

I've also found that when going from using thread sizes 20 to 30 to 40, the change isn't as significant as I thought it would be from one to the next.  I am liking the sizes 30 and 40 best right now, though I use a lot of size 20 for bookmarks.  I may be brave enough to try some of those finer threads soon - like the Sizes 70, 80 and 100.  Yikes! Better try size 50 first, and then gradually try each one in succession.

Another question crossed my mind recently as I've been emptying shuttles while practicing various techniques. I came across some shuttles that I apparently wound a long time ago, and I wondered if anyone else still fights with putting the thread through the hole on the post of the shuttle and tying a knot?   I learned to load a shuttle this way, and never gave it a second thought until I saw Jane's post over a year ago.  After I read this post, I chuckled at myself for being so particular about doing it "right", and have never once put the thread through that hole and tied a knot since.  I am a very procedural person - which is a hindrance at times!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Too Many WIPs?

Once again, I have many projects in the works.  Is there such a thing as too many WIPs?  This is a lovely bookmark pattern that is shared here, and I really wanted to make.  I have a hard time with patterns that are just diagrammed with no written instructions, and tend to make them harder than they really are.  After some insight given to me at our Twin Cities Tatters gathering yesterday, I think i have the idea now so I can keep working on finishing this one.  This is done using some perle cotton, size 8.

And then I have this doily I have taken back out to work on.  I started this one last year after winning Yarnplayer's beautiful Summer Trail HDT.  I'm very used to whipping out a crocheted doily, so when a tatted piece takes me longer than I have patience for, I have to put it away for awhile and work on something small that I can complete.  I'm ready to get this one done - it's such a pretty pattern.  This is the Starlight Doily from the Tatter's Treasure Chest, using Yarnplayer's size 20 HDT.

I've also been playing with blinging a few more shuttles after receiving some of Diane's shared papers.  Tatters are so incredibly generous!  I also received a trade package last week from Sue Anna for a bag I offered that included waaaaay too many things for just one bag.  HDT, a Pop-a-bobbin shuttle and bags by Jane E., and some Lizbeth.  It felt like Christmas!  That has happened to me a couple of times now - I am embarrassed to receive such wonderful gifts, but hopefully I can do that in return for someone else someday. 

Back to the shuttle-blinging - no wonder I don't get anything completed - I get sidetracked easily :)  You can't see it so well on the pictures, but I've glittered these shuttles and am layering on the Mod Podge to get them finished properly.

I especially love this little matching tin and shuttle.  Now I have to buy some more Altoids so I can make more tins to match my shuttles! 

And finally, I am staining this little wooden box that I've had for years.  It's something old that my Dad gave me years ago, and I've always intended to finish it.  Maybe when I get this done I can store my shuttles in it?

In any case, I have projects all over the place.  Nothing is done.  I lost an hour today with the daylight savings turn-back of the clock, and the afternoon is really getting away from me now too.  I need to make supper and get ready for the work week again.  The projects will have to be squeezed in where they fit.  Did I mention I've been motivated to get working on that Artisan Phase II of the T.A.T. program also?  I can't possibly work on just one thing!