Sunday, January 31, 2016

January is Done? What?

I thought I should at least try to post SOMETHING for January!  Holy moly - the month has flown and here we are, ready to get on with February.  I have done plenty, but haven't blogged about anything, so here's a summary:

* Still working the body AND the mind at the YMCA after work;

* Doing a little adult coloring; 

* Got through another 30th birthday celebration and quilt (did I mention I'm feeling OLD?)

* Took a Zentangle class and have been practicing (a lot!) ;

* And I'm keeping up on my 52-week photography challenge so far. This week's challenge was to find a landscape with good contrast for a black & white photo. I love this challenge, as it forces me to think about what I want to photograph rather than just randomly taking pictures. This is strictly a personal goal and challenge - I plan to make a Shutterfly book of my 52 photos with the challenge descriptions at the end. Hopefully I can stay on course for another 47 weeks!

I made it to our Twin Cities Tatters gathering last Saturday too, but have not accomplished enough tatting to take any photos of THAT :)

On with February!