Sunday, January 8, 2017

Joined the Addicts

Diane did it.  She got me hooked with her Ice Drop Tutorial.  

These are so cute, quick to make, and pretty both front and back. My favorite part is choosing the thread and the matching beads - always the most difficult, but so fun when the result is at least close to what you envisioned!

Size 20 Lizbeth #132, Tropical Punch
I just happened to have some Thanksgiving gems stored away for decor.  Never used them, because I don't really entertain. Or decorate for Thanksgiving.  Not sure why I thought I needed them, but they were probably clearanced?! Ha.  I love [potential] craft supplies a little too much.  Good I had them though, because I may not have made a special trip to get some!

My first attempt was at a gathering with a couple other tatters.  Of course we were talking, and I usually make mistakes while chatting.  No wonder my first try was a little loose - I realized after making a few more I had some extra stitches.  Several.  Oops.

Size 20 Lizbeth #154, Wildflower Garden

I also decided I liked the twisted thread loop hanger over a ribbon.  I have plenty of ribbon, but I think I need smaller so it doesn't overtake the Ice Drop.  I DO NOT need to go buy more ribbon, LOL.

Size 20 Ecru, Size 20 Lizbeth #147, Red Burst

When I decided to try adding some beads, I had to laugh.  A 1-hour project turned into about a 2-hour comedy.  It went something like this:
  • Sit down with the perfect thread at the OTHER loveseat in the living room, as I needed my OTT lite.
  • Ruby rings the bells to go outside.
  • Back to my spot, I remembered I needed a bead threader - which are downstairs in my craft room.
  • Looking through the basket of jewelry making stuff:  "Oh, I forgot I had all these charms.  These pearls would work on something.  Where are those bead threaders?  Holy cow, I have a lot of beads.  Forgot I had this wire.  I remember this!  Aha!  Here are the bead threaders!"
  • Back to my spot upstairs.  Phone rings.
  • Now I need my magnifier glasses.  They are by the OTHER loveseat.  
  • Finally have everything.  45 minutes or so of actual tatting, and it was time to leave for another appointment.
Yes, I am usually much more organized than that!  Good thing I was on vacation last week- it's obvious I was pretty relaxed. And, I probably wouldn't have made any of these cute Ice Drops.  Or become addicted?  Ha!

I'm a better pattern-follower than designer, but I did manage to fit one smaller gem just be decreasing by one ring on both front and back - creating more of a star.

Size 20 Lizbeth, #164, Blue River Glades
Now that I've made a few from the original pattern with only a couple of minor tweaks, I'm ready to branch out and try some of the other beautiful modifications I've seen.  (Though I kinda like this simple little version without getting too crazy fancy anyway.)  And tomorrow it's back to work, so I won't be on a fast-track.  Besides, I'm not too sure what I'll do with these cuties?  I can hang one from every bag I own!  Maybe zipper pulls.  Keychains.  I dunno!  But they are cute.  And addicting!  

Thanks, Diane.  Thanks a lot.  :)