Sunday, December 29, 2019

2019 Was a Good Year

I’m sending 2019 off with a grateful, joyous heart.  What a year it’s been! 

We’ve been so busy all year, (as in past years) but this year was different.  The “busy” was all for milestone celebrations. And two new babies to top the year off - becoming grandparents twice within less than 4 weeks is quite astounding on top of all that waiting!

And here we are, wonderful celebrations, two healthy babies, Christmas is over, and we’re ready to ring in a New Year once again.  I’m ready!

Can you imagine all the “firsts” that will occur in 2020?  We are so very lucky to be close to our daughters' homes, and able to see and help out with our grandbabies. I see why we have children when we’re young - it’s exhausting!  But, oh, so wonderful that they are not far away.

In non-baby news, I have a beautiful new Janome Memory Craft 6600P sewing machine and table.  My mom had this for awhile, but she prefers her Bernina machine. I love my older Janome, which I will keep handy as this new machine is specifically for quilting and doesn’t have an open arm for all of those bags I like to make. I have only practiced some new stitches and played with the settings so far, but I’m anxious to get on with some new sewing projects. Of which I have many, as always!  Can one buy time somewhere? My sewing/craft room is full of inspiration.

My cave never, ever looks this clean and neat!
This is just after moving my new table and machine in, and rearranging the mess.
It didn’t stay like this for long, LOL!
I also opened an Etsy shop after much thought about it. (ahappybluebirdsnest) It won’t be huge, but I will add things here and there. I only have my tatted pennies there so far, but I will be adding some bags and other things as I get back into my habit of mass production. (Does anyone else do that? I find a great pattern and I just can’t help it!) I’m not sure how to run an Etsy shop, but I’ll wing it until I figure it out. I do know I need to research copyrights prior to placing anything for sale, otherwise I just need to get busy. 

I did find time to squeeze some tatting in. I’m loving the onion ring patterns by Robin Perfetti at Tatting by the Bay. I’m still hoping to work on more of those patterns, too. (Now that I have that Catherine Wheel join mastered! Well, mostly mastered.)

Another new thing I did was join a local book club this past fall - it helps me to choose books outside of my usual preferences. And it’s super nice, because the group is large enough to choose 2 books each month - so I have 2 to ponder!  I’m still enjoying audiobooks, so I can sew or tat (or even do dishes or laundry, God forbid) or listen while driving. I’m also planning to put up a Little Free Library this year since we live near a park and walking path.  Do you have one in your neighborhood? Hubby has agreed to build it for me. 

I’m looking forward to another joyful year.  Without as much craziness, perhaps, but full of life nonetheless.  With sewing, reading, tatting, babies and family gatherings, it should be another year of things to be grateful for.

On with 2020!  
Peace and Joy to All