Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This magnificent buck was our back yard visitor last Friday night, and he had not one, but two girlfriends with him.   Isn't he beautiful?

He is quite healthy and buff!  A 10-point buck as they say, and he has a beautiful set of antlers.

Those antlers got to rubbing on one of my little trees and pulled it enough to make it lean now, and broke off a branch.  They are beautiful animals, but I give up trying to grow anything around here. Sure, they are healthy - they ate all my green beans this summer!  

I come from a family of deer hunting men.  Next week, my husband, dad, brother, uncles and nephews are all on their annual 10-day hunt in Wisconsin.  Mom comes to stay, and we shop, eat out, hit the quilt stores, work on projects and eat out some more.  I am exhausted from work and ready to enjoy the time off and do some tatting and sewing for a change.

It always cracks me up to see the most beautiful bucks right in our own backyard as the men in my family are preparing for their hunting expedition at the cabin.  I just 'shoot' them with my camera.  If I can :)