Tuesday, September 4, 2018

FYI - Fabric Still Available

Want matching fabric for Frivole's motifs I showed a couple of posts ago?  Kathy has pointed out on my last post that some fabric is still available at Let's Sew Quilt Shop if anyone is interested!  

I'd love to see what others might do with this fabric - I just can't think of anything other than bags, HA!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

September Already?!

Wow - the summer has flown by!  And it’s been a HOT, HUMID one.  Or raining.  It seems like we’ve been inside a lot to avoid either rain or heat.  Some years are just like that.

Fall is my favorite time of year, though.  I like weather that I can wear t-shirt and jeans or a tank top and shorts, and be comfortable either way.  A sweatshirt in the evening as it cools down.  Not asking for much, am I?  Ha!  I love it warm and sunny during the day, but cool and crisp at night.  Fall doesn’t last nearly long enough for me.  

The back yard is beginning to show signs of fall - the tiniest tinge of red is out there.  It becomes red really fast, and is so pretty in the fall.

It’s the sumac - looks like this close-up:


I’ve been playing with ice drops and colors this week - matching ribbon and gems and thread.  Color matching is one of my favorite things to do - with both thread and fabric projects.

This one is Liz Metallic thread (Gemstone) with a clear gem that I’ve added glitter nail polish to the back side. Not such bright color, but a bit sparkly in a very subtle way.  This pattern is Diane’s Bloomin’ Ice Drop.  I really do like tatting with the Liz Metallic - rings are easier to open, tatting has a nice stability to it, and it has just a bit of sparkle.  It is comparable to size 20 thread, but works up just a bit larger.

This one has one of my favorite color gems - turquoise.  Lizbeth Island Breeze #130 thread goes perfectly with this gem. This one is Diane’s newest pattern “Frivolity”found with many more patterns on the Ice Drop Addicts Facebook page.90

I’ve also been working on the secret 30th birthday quilt - I can’t believe my baby will be 30!  Time goes so quickly, yet it seems like only yesterday we were running two little girls to piano lessons and volleyball and softball and school events. But it sure is fun to see those two little girls as wonderful, caring, productive adults!

Two more weeks until we have a vacation to Colorado planned - mountain views are in my future!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Square/Diamond Motif

Ta da!  I love this little motif just as much as the first one!  Now I have matching motifs for the fabric I used on my bags - how fun is that?  Love the fabric, and love the motifs.

Such a talent to be able to whip up these patterns so quickly, and then have a video tutorial as well.  The pattern for this square/diamond is on Frivole's blog HERE with a video to soon follow.  I can see the visual circle in this little motif as talked about on the pattern blog post. Such interesting tricks our eyes can play on us!  I have been wondering about trying this in a smaller thread, and attaching it to the zipper for an added zipper pull. Maybe stiffened?  Hhhmmmm.

In my non-tatting life, my bathroom remodel is FINALLY complete, including inspections.  We can finally move our "stuff" back in - trying to be neat about it and only bring back the items we really need in the new vanity.  Wonder how long that will last?