Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Summer Saga!

I haven’t posted since February? Life happens. (OK, technology and social media happened too.)

Wow!  It’s been a crazy, fun, busy summer for us so far.  Myself and my family have so many exciting things going on - a summer to be remembered for certain!

My brother and I are planning a 60th Anniversary celebration for our folks - an open house that will be great fun!  We are looking forward to sharing that day with as many people as possible who have known our parents throughout the years.  They have set an example of love and commitment for sure. What a wonderful anniversary to celebrate.  

Our two daughters announced this spring that they are both expecting.  Grandma status in October! BOTH OF THEM 😳 Their due dates are only 12 days apart, so it was a shock to say the least! It has been a fun few months so far hearing about the baby growth, tests, predictions, and eventually the gender reveals.  Turns out we will have one grandson and one granddaughter. The shopping has been fun, I’m telling ya - those adorable baby clothes for both genders! And now we are getting to planning those baby showers. I can’t wait to meet these little people.

How many people get to celebrate these milestones both with their parents and their kids within just a few months?  Lucky us! 

We also had a few graduations and other new babies in our lives, so I got to making my commemorative pennies. It took until about May to get some 2019 pennies, but now I have a bit of a stash. Here are a few gifted already:


And today I received a special gift from a young High School gal.  I work with her mom, who had told me that she was a creative seamstress, and was interested in design and quilting.  I gave her some fabric that I was looking to donate somewhere, and she was thrilled!  This was on my chair in my office this morning:

How darn cute is that?!  I love it!  She used fabric that I’d given her to make this thank you gift.  What a treat!  It looks great in my living room.  What a talented, sweet young lady!  

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Polar Whiplash!

I think there were 80 days in January!  Seriously. Yes, it’s hard to believe it’s already February, but January was long here in the frozen tundra.  This week, we had such record breaking below zero weather that the U.S. Postal Service even shut down. No mail on Wednesday, and no schools for most of the week while we had -33 air temperatures with -54 wind chills. Dangerously cold for everyone.  (Frozen water pipes add to the excitement.) But, here we are today with a high of about 36, and tomorrow’s high of 40. That’s a 70 degree swing in just 4 days! Typical Minnesota - big temperature swings. No wonder we don’t know how to dress from one day to the next.

A bonus to hibernating for a few days is the opportunity to either tat or sew or create something - more hours than usual to spend in my cave studio.  I stayed home from work on Wednesday and worked on a duffel bag I’ve had cut out since . . . well . . . for months. Today I will finish the straps, and it will be usable.  For my next getaway. Hopefully somewhere warmer than here.

This is from my 2016 Quilt Minnesota Fabric. I love to get some each year because it’s limited, and it just represents “home”.  (Notice there are no winter scenes in this particular line!)  The 2019 fabric is gorgeous - I can’t wait to get some of that for a future project. 

Other than weather, January was fun.  We met my folks and my brother’s family for a buffet lunch at a casino for my Dad’s birthday one Saturday - I actually won a few $ this time.  Nothing big, but considering I usually just lose $20 within 15 minutes, it was a good day.  I also tried out wheel throwing pottery with one of my daughters - another fun hobby I could get into, but what a mess! I still need to wash the clay off the shoes I wore 😬.

On with February!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Wedding Pennies

I finally got these two wedding memento pennies done for my daughters.  I’ve been meaning to do them, but didn’t really think they were terribly interested.  The weddings were in 2015 and 2016.  My daughters LOVE them - makes me happy knowing they really are interested, they just don’t ask for these things.

I wanted to include their wedding party colors, as well as a little piece of lace from the day.  The lace was significant for both of them. One daughter was married on her grandparent’s anniversary, and I CUT my mom’s wedding dress up to make straps and a belt for her dress. (See my face of horror  HERE).  My other daughter had me CUT my dress for her headpiece.  HERE is that beautiful chunk of my dress!

So both memento pennies have a little lace attached.  It just seemed like it had to be there.

Now the search is on for 2019 pennies for the upcoming babies, graduations and weddings.  I really do love making little mementos for such special occasions.