Sunday, November 11, 2018

Memorial Ornament

I was gifted a pretty Japanese shuttle and some metallic Lizbeth thread when I lost my sweet Ruby. When our Twin Cities Tatters group met yesterday, I decided to work on a snowflake from Jon Yusoff’s snowflake patterns, and was wondering who the heck might want a “purple” snowflake!

As I was finishing the snowflake, I realized I was using the shuttle and thread gifted to me by my friend after losing my sweet sidekick, Ruby.  There was no better use for a purple snowflake than to remember my sweet Ruby!

Ruby loved the snow (which we are not celebrating at the moment!) and this was a perfect way to remember her with every stitch from this wonderful gift! 💜 This will be Ruby’s ornament on our tree  for years to come.

I like the addition of the bead and charm at the bottom - it helps the snowflake to hang straight.  While the Lizbeth metallic makes a nice, sturdy snowflake, the bead and charm just add some flair!  I will be adding similar decor to my other snowflakes - just simple, but a nice addition.

I think I may cut the ribbon tails a little shorter - what do you think?

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Snow means ... Christmas?

It’s WAY too early, but in the past couple of days we’ve gotten our first snow of the season, along with those traffic reports of many cars in the ditches, and “watch out for the plows!”  

Colder than usual temperatures, too! It’s so unfair - we never even really had fall, my favorite time of year!  It’s going to be a long winter, I’m afraid.

This can only mean it’s time to get going on more Christmas decorations!  I love the ice drops using  just white thread with red gems and beads - so that is what I’ll be working on along with my snowflakes.

Our TWIN CITIES TATTERS group has also recently become a TATTING CORNER AFFILIATE.  We would love it if you’d use our link at the top left of this page every time you order your tatting supplies, so we can continue to encourage the fine art of tatting!