Sunday, November 11, 2018

Memorial Ornament

I was gifted a pretty Japanese shuttle and some metallic Lizbeth thread when I lost my sweet Ruby. When our Twin Cities Tatters group met yesterday, I decided to work on a snowflake from Jon Yusoff’s snowflake patterns, and was wondering who the heck might want a “purple” snowflake!

As I was finishing the snowflake, I realized I was using the shuttle and thread gifted to me by my friend after losing my sweet sidekick, Ruby.  There was no better use for a purple snowflake than to remember my sweet Ruby!

Ruby loved the snow (which we are not celebrating at the moment!) and this was a perfect way to remember her with every stitch from this wonderful gift! 💜 This will be Ruby’s ornament on our tree  for years to come.

I like the addition of the bead and charm at the bottom - it helps the snowflake to hang straight.  While the Lizbeth metallic makes a nice, sturdy snowflake, the bead and charm just add some flair!  I will be adding similar decor to my other snowflakes - just simple, but a nice addition.

I think I may cut the ribbon tails a little shorter - what do you think?


  1. I love it! I would never have thought of a purple snowflake, but will make one soon for my tree too! I lost my Miss Daisy and it will make a nice remembrance for her. I think I would make the bows a tiny bit larger before I trimmed the ends. Thank you for sharing

  2. A lovely tribute to a Ruby. The tails obscure the tatting a bit, perhaps a trim is a good idea.

  3. What a beautiful snowflake! I like the addition of the charm at the bottom, and I agree that just a little could be trimmed off the ribbon.

  4. Very pretty. I have a friend who always asks for purple snowflakes, bells..whatever for her daughter's tree. Always 3 with sparkle. This year I've been tatting stars. So I'll likely have to make 3 purple stars.

  5. Fabulous memorial snowflake!!! :)


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