Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Flying Week!

Some weeks just seem to fly by, while others seem to drag on forever.  This was a busy week at work,  so it really flew!

Though just posted on Thursday, I worked on Round 4 of the Spring Doily a little at a time all week.  This round, I decided to add some of my precious HDT.  Perfect to keep the doily in a more neutral color, I used “Parchment” from Yarnplayer that I’ve had stashed for 304575027 years.

I think it matches well enough to accent this doily - there’s just a tiny bit of the same ecru in it.  I just hope I will have enough to get through another larger round.

I’m ready to start Round 5!  I really do love focusing on just one round a week.  Even though I have the pattern and can work ahead a little, it’s not so overwhelming when focusing on just completing one round.  And notice I said “working ahead” - ha! I don’t think there’s a rule that you have to stick only to the current week. That is definitely not going to happen in later rounds.

On another note, I decided the end of January to try ordering from Wish-dot-com, as I’ve seen it advertised quite a bit. I saw a couple of people post on a Facebook group that they’ve successfully ordered many times from there, so I thought since it’s so inexpensive, I’d try it, knowing that it takes a few weeks to receive an order.  I ordered 4 items on January 27th, and have received 3 so far.

The packages were incredibly tiny - I can’t believe they didn’t get lost between China and Minnesota!

I ordered these pretty buttons - 100 of them for $1.  I thought they’d be perfect to tat on, and no, I didn’t need 100, but for a buck?  Why not?

Ha Ha - they are much smaller than I thought. I will need to use about size 80 thread for these!  It’s OK - I can use them on sewing too.

Still waiting on one more package of 100 buttons that say “Hand Made” on them.  Just because - ha!  These were $1 each - 100 labels, 100 buttons and 50 handmade charms. Should last me the rest of my life, LOL.

AND, I watched much of the Westminster Dog Show on Monday and Tuesday.  It’s interesting to hear the different breed qualities and what they were originally bred to do. Most people get a cute puppy without considering the natural temperament and behavior, and unfortunately, we then end up with so many rejected dogs in rescue situations. I also love to see the dog’s names, and then their fancy registered names too. I especially noticed the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named “Ducky”.  Ooooh.  That’s a dangerous name, I thought.  Then I saw his fancy registered name - “What the Duck”. The more we thought about the play on words for a Duck Trolling Retriever, the more it made us laugh. (OK, weird humor.) In any case, we always cheer for a Boxer in the Working Group, but alas, the beautiful Giant Schnauzer won. Ruby disagreed.

Twin Cities Tatters meets today, so I’m in tatting mode.  What great group - I think we learn something or gain a new tip every single time we meet!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

It’s Always Easy in the Beginning . . .

. . . to keep up, I mean.  Renulek’s Spring Doily 2018 is progressing nicely right now - of course, it’s only Round 3. I did purchase the pattern in anticipation of later rounds getting away from me, though.  (I know from experience how this is gonna go!) Her patterns are beautiful, so I love owning them anyway.

Renulek’s Spring Doily - Round 3
I’m enjoying this doily because it means SPRING is coming.  You wouldn’t know it by our Minnesota temperatures lately - mostly hovering around or below 0 F. We are definitely ready for winter to move along.

I also saw a cute heart pattern on a Facebook page here:  and decided it would be a good, quick project.  Not sure what I’ll do with it yet, other than clip it onto one of my bags.  I feel like I need to add to it some more, but we’ll see. My creativity is at a stand-still lately - just give me a pattern for now and I’m good. That might change next week - ha!

I can’t believe it’s FEBRUARY already! ❤️

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Jumping on the Bandwagon!

I decided to jump in on Renulek’s Spring Doily while it was still early, so I got the first 2 center rounds done this morning.  I’m ready to work on a larger piece once again, and her doilies are always so beautiful.

It’s definitely going to be another beauty!  It’s so easy at the beginning, and it’s a long wait until the next Thursday’s instructions - but I know all too well as the rounds get larger, it will be hard to keep up.  (I will most definitely not be timing myself on each round again - ha!)

I’ve decided to use some size 30 thread I have in my stash, along with some of Yarnplayer’s “Parchment” thread I purchased quite awhile ago.  It always takes me awhile to decide what to use my HDT on  :)  It’s always so enjoyable to watch tatters from all around the world working on the same piece in all of their various color choices.

I’ve also made a few squares for the Tat a Brussels Monument project.  I plan to mail 10 pink squares, and look forward to seeing this project come full circle during the World Lace Congress this summer in Belgium.  I can’t imagine stitching together 10,000 squares, but it will be quite a sight.  Many others are sending 50-100 squares - but I’ll be satisfied with completing and sending 10.

Of course, here in Minnesota, there are Superbowl crowds downtown in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  I”m not a big football fan, but I love the creative events and displays to show off our state.  So many wonderful things going on, but I will watch from home (afar!) I would love to go downtown, but the crowds and parking are better left for the football fans, and those who can tolerate the huge crowds.  AND . . .  it’s snowing like crazy here with temperatures dropping for tomorrow’s big game - good thing the stadium is indoors!