Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Flying Week!

Some weeks just seem to fly by, while others seem to drag on forever.  This was a busy week at work,  so it really flew!

Though just posted on Thursday, I worked on Round 4 of the Spring Doily a little at a time all week.  This round, I decided to add some of my precious HDT.  Perfect to keep the doily in a more neutral color, I used “Parchment” from Yarnplayer that I’ve had stashed for 304575027 years.

I think it matches well enough to accent this doily - there’s just a tiny bit of the same ecru in it.  I just hope I will have enough to get through another larger round.

I’m ready to start Round 5!  I really do love focusing on just one round a week.  Even though I have the pattern and can work ahead a little, it’s not so overwhelming when focusing on just completing one round.  And notice I said “working ahead” - ha! I don’t think there’s a rule that you have to stick only to the current week. That is definitely not going to happen in later rounds.

On another note, I decided the end of January to try ordering from Wish-dot-com, as I’ve seen it advertised quite a bit. I saw a couple of people post on a Facebook group that they’ve successfully ordered many times from there, so I thought since it’s so inexpensive, I’d try it, knowing that it takes a few weeks to receive an order.  I ordered 4 items on January 27th, and have received 3 so far.

The packages were incredibly tiny - I can’t believe they didn’t get lost between China and Minnesota!

I ordered these pretty buttons - 100 of them for $1.  I thought they’d be perfect to tat on, and no, I didn’t need 100, but for a buck?  Why not?

Ha Ha - they are much smaller than I thought. I will need to use about size 80 thread for these!  It’s OK - I can use them on sewing too.

Still waiting on one more package of 100 buttons that say “Hand Made” on them.  Just because - ha!  These were $1 each - 100 labels, 100 buttons and 50 handmade charms. Should last me the rest of my life, LOL.

AND, I watched much of the Westminster Dog Show on Monday and Tuesday.  It’s interesting to hear the different breed qualities and what they were originally bred to do. Most people get a cute puppy without considering the natural temperament and behavior, and unfortunately, we then end up with so many rejected dogs in rescue situations. I also love to see the dog’s names, and then their fancy registered names too. I especially noticed the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named “Ducky”.  Ooooh.  That’s a dangerous name, I thought.  Then I saw his fancy registered name - “What the Duck”. The more we thought about the play on words for a Duck Trolling Retriever, the more it made us laugh. (OK, weird humor.) In any case, we always cheer for a Boxer in the Working Group, but alas, the beautiful Giant Schnauzer won. Ruby disagreed.

Twin Cities Tatters meets today, so I’m in tatting mode.  What great group - I think we learn something or gain a new tip every single time we meet!


  1. Oh, dear! I'm feeling like I'm falling behind already. Luckily, I have Renulek's pattern printed out. The real question is, when will I find time to tat? Is this a new site I "need" to check out?

  2. I've just finished my round 4, been a bit busy since Renulek published it. I love the look of your round 4, perfect to provide some variation. Good buy you had from Wish!

  3. You have had that HDT for how Long? It looks good in your doily. Pretty little buttons too, but 100, gosh that will be a lot of tatting.

    1. I’m such a hoarder of my HDT! I need to use it on just the “right” thing! I’ve had this one for at least 5 years I think! It’s perfect for this doily.

  4. Your hand made hands and ribbons and love you tatting and I have a button problem too so you covered all my loves :)

  5. Your doily is gorgeous!!!!! :)
    Our daughter has ordered many things through Wish, but warning, she didn't get some of the items she ordered and had to get refunds, or they were damaged, or not what they were supposed to be(from her own words). She says a word to the wise, always check shipping costs before you buy!!! Thought you might like to know ahead of time. ;)

    1. Oh, thank you for the heads up on Wish! I’m only missing one of my orders, but it was only $1, so I’m not worried. Some items weren’t supposed to arrive until late March, so they still have time! Good to be aware though - it’s just so easy to make online purchases.


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