Saturday, February 3, 2018

Jumping on the Bandwagon!

I decided to jump in on Renulek’s Spring Doily while it was still early, so I got the first 2 center rounds done this morning.  I’m ready to work on a larger piece once again, and her doilies are always so beautiful.

It’s definitely going to be another beauty!  It’s so easy at the beginning, and it’s a long wait until the next Thursday’s instructions - but I know all too well as the rounds get larger, it will be hard to keep up.  (I will most definitely not be timing myself on each round again - ha!)

I’ve decided to use some size 30 thread I have in my stash, along with some of Yarnplayer’s “Parchment” thread I purchased quite awhile ago.  It always takes me awhile to decide what to use my HDT on  :)  It’s always so enjoyable to watch tatters from all around the world working on the same piece in all of their various color choices.

I’ve also made a few squares for the Tat a Brussels Monument project.  I plan to mail 10 pink squares, and look forward to seeing this project come full circle during the World Lace Congress this summer in Belgium.  I can’t imagine stitching together 10,000 squares, but it will be quite a sight.  Many others are sending 50-100 squares - but I’ll be satisfied with completing and sending 10.

Of course, here in Minnesota, there are Superbowl crowds downtown in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  I”m not a big football fan, but I love the creative events and displays to show off our state.  So many wonderful things going on, but I will watch from home (afar!) I would love to go downtown, but the crowds and parking are better left for the football fans, and those who can tolerate the huge crowds.  AND . . .  it’s snowing like crazy here with temperatures dropping for tomorrow’s big game - good thing the stadium is indoors!


  1. I do enjoy making her doilies too and you made more squares than I , I only made 6 but got them mailed away

  2. Oh good, the more the merrier! I was also thinking, it's easy to keep up now, but when the rounds get bigger, it'll be more difficult to get one round done before the next comes out. Great, every square counts when 10 000 is the aim!

  3. Beautiful start to your doily!! :)
    Great squares!! :)


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