Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010!

Saying "goodbye" to 2010 doesn't hurt my feelings one bit!  It's been a year that has pulled me in a million different directions, and I'm ready to get on with some new normals. 

I have accomplished a lot more than I realized, however.  I joined the 25-Motif Challenge to practice techniques and keep track of how many things I really do tat.  It doesn't seem like I accomplish much tatting, but I have completed one challenge, and have started another.  I actually tatted a doily, entered it into both the county fair and the state fair and earned ribbons at both.  I have given away numerous bookmarks, and even found a couple of tatters that are interested in getting together as 'Twin Cities Tatters' to have a group devoted to tatting.  As far as my tatting life goes, 2010 has been a good year!

I will end 2010 with motifs for my 2nd 25-Motif Challenge.  The first one is my #6 - pattern is 'Snowflake 7' from Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments, in Lizbeth Jelly Bean thread, size 20.  I really love this pattern - it tats up so nice and neat.

Motif #7 is the 'Wheel of Nine Rings' from Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns. I have looked at this pattern many times - the look just appeals to me.  This one is in DMC white perle cotton, size 12.

I started both of these motifs with intentions of putting them on some satin Christmas balls.  I never did figure out a small bottom motif to use for connecting it all to a ball for a pretty ornament - maybe next year!

Farewell 2010! 
I'm really looking forward to all the good things I know are coming in 2011. 
Happy, Happy New Year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Peace & Joy

May the spirit of Christmas bring you


wherever you are.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Lefse-making is one of our family's Christmas traditions.  My Grandma always made the Christmas lefse without fail, even when she wasn't feeling so well, and probably shouldn't have been working with a 500 degree griddle.  I posted all this last year too (HERE) - but I'm going to do it again, because it really is part of my Christmas preparation every year!

Grandma taught my cousin and I how to make lefse the way she did it before she passed away.  Boy, did we laugh alot that day!  I wish I had pictures of the first attempts at rolling out mashed potatoes :)

For several years I had "Lefse Day" at my house the end of November.  My cousin and Mom and aunts and kids joined us, and we had a fun gathering to make the lefse.  The tradition has dwindled down to my daughters and I making the lefse now - a mother/daughter day that we enjoy while it snows outside, trying to get us into the holiday spirit.

Lefse is basically mashed potatoes, fried like a tortilla!  I boil 5 lbs. of potatoes in their skins, and then use a ricer to rice the potatoes with butter.  That sits in the refrigerator overnight.  The next morning, the potatoes are mixed, 3 Cups to 1 Cup of flour, and then rolled into balls.

 The lefse griddle gets a light coat of paraffin wax.  This has always been tricky (if
 not hilarious), as we try to avoid the smoke alarms going off by fanning any smoke from the wax toward open windows.  We've had many laughs over the years trying to get the griddle "just right" so the lefse doesn't stick.  Most people just throw flour on the griddle, but Grandma taught us to use as little flour as possible so the lefse stays soft.

We take turns rolling, frying, and transferring to the towels.

We even make sure Grandma enjoys making lefse with us - her picture watches us.  She would be proud that her family's lefse tradition is being carried on.  When Grandma was young, she helped her mother make the lefse ON Christmas Eve, on a wood stove.  It's hard enough on an electric griddle - I can't imagine trying to regulate the heat on a wood stove!

Once again, the lefse is ready.  In the freezer until the Christmas celebration.  Some like it with butter and white sugar, some like it with brown sugar, and MY favorite way to eat lefse is warmed up and wrapped around some leftover Christmas ham. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

On the "Naughty" List

I am embarrassed to say I've opened some Christmas gifts before I even have my own Christmas tree up!  Secret Santa gifts from both Intatters and the Tatting Forums have arrived, and I just couldn't wait :)

This wonderful box-full of tatting goodies is from Alizandria on InTatters.  Butterflies, a dragonfly and a Christmas ornament all tatted with my favorite color blue, along with the blue threads used.  One is variegated blue Rubi thread, and the other is Lizbeth Carribean, size 20.  And a whole container of beads!  I can't wait to play with all these goodies.

I participated in the Tatting Forums Secret Santa exchange as well, and this is from Tattin' Kat.  BBQ rub from Kansas City, postcards of her home area, and a pretty painted glass ornament along with more tatting goodies.

A painted mint tin (cute, cute, cute) and a matching shuttle. (I knew I've been saving those tins for a good reason!)  Tattin' Kat is lucky enough to exchange tatting for lovely painting done by her Mom.

And this lovely tatting - Jon Yusoff's Merriment Coaster/Doily pattern found HERE.

So,now I suppose I'm on the "naughty" list because I opened my gifts early.  The recipients of the gifts I sent either haven't received them yet, or are on the "nice" list and are waiting until Christmas to open them . . .

Ha! It was worth it - what a way to get into the holiday spirit!