Monday, December 6, 2010

On the "Naughty" List

I am embarrassed to say I've opened some Christmas gifts before I even have my own Christmas tree up!  Secret Santa gifts from both Intatters and the Tatting Forums have arrived, and I just couldn't wait :)

This wonderful box-full of tatting goodies is from Alizandria on InTatters.  Butterflies, a dragonfly and a Christmas ornament all tatted with my favorite color blue, along with the blue threads used.  One is variegated blue Rubi thread, and the other is Lizbeth Carribean, size 20.  And a whole container of beads!  I can't wait to play with all these goodies.

I participated in the Tatting Forums Secret Santa exchange as well, and this is from Tattin' Kat.  BBQ rub from Kansas City, postcards of her home area, and a pretty painted glass ornament along with more tatting goodies.

A painted mint tin (cute, cute, cute) and a matching shuttle. (I knew I've been saving those tins for a good reason!)  Tattin' Kat is lucky enough to exchange tatting for lovely painting done by her Mom.

And this lovely tatting - Jon Yusoff's Merriment Coaster/Doily pattern found HERE.

So,now I suppose I'm on the "naughty" list because I opened my gifts early.  The recipients of the gifts I sent either haven't received them yet, or are on the "nice" list and are waiting until Christmas to open them . . .

Ha! It was worth it - what a way to get into the holiday spirit!


  1. What wonderful goodies you received!

    My two exchange packages arrived today. I haven't decided yet whether I'll be naughty or nice. Right now I'm having too much fun!

  2. Happy Bluebrid,
    You are not just let the little kid inside of you come out & do what all kids like to do..
    Find out what's inside! It's ok.
    You have wonderful gifts now to enjoy using to make wonderful things with! So enjoy it all!!!
    Merry Christmas to you & your family!

  3. Enjoy your early Christmas, it sure looks wonderful! :)


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