Saturday, October 18, 2014


Our Fall color is truly stunning this year, and is lasting longer than what I remember as usual.  The colors vary from year to year, and never cease to gain my full admiration.  

The reds and oranges almost look fake, and the golds just pop.  Truly amazing nature!  Just driving anywhere has a breathtaking view in many directions if you take the time to look.

This tatting was my attempt at some fall tatting splendor - ha!   Hardly compares, though it's a good attempt with color :)
Dahlia Motif, New Tatting book by Tomoko Morimoto
Lizbeth 'Falling Leaves' size 20 thread

On our walk last night, a couple of deer were inquisitive enough to watch us.  Ruby wanted to say 'hi' from much closer than we were able to get!  

Soon, everything will turn brown overnight and the leaves will fall, once again leaving the branches bare and dreary looking until Spring.  This is my absolute favorite time of year!  Too bad it's so short - but I guess that's what makes it so special.  A couple more days, and it will all be over!