Saturday, April 14, 2012


How do you harness your to-do list? My to-dos are not becoming ta-das lately. I am having trouble concentrating on just one project until it's finished :)  I recently decided I should work on a tatted doily again instead of just making small motifs and stashing them away. If I can keep on task, I might have a doily to enter in the fair this summer - along with that hanky edging I'm working on. In any case, I decided I needed this book of doily patterns - Iris Niebach patterns are beautiful!

Hopefully I did not bite off more than I can chew with this one.

One of my diversions the past couple of weeks (yes, just one of them) is this jar of old bottlecaps and Scrabble tiles I found at an antique market.  (Funny how I went to a major garden center for spring home ideas and ended up buying antiques.)

My daughter asked me to collect bottlecaps (are caps other than the screw-on type on bottles anymore?) to make magnets.  Boy did we made magnets.  Any ideas on what else we could do with a million bottlecaps? 

And, hubby has been busy with some tiki torches.  Yes, the back yard is starting to look like a bar - but it's fun! We are looking forward to summer evenings with the torches lit.

See why I can't concentrate?