Saturday, April 14, 2012


How do you harness your to-do list? My to-dos are not becoming ta-das lately. I am having trouble concentrating on just one project until it's finished :)  I recently decided I should work on a tatted doily again instead of just making small motifs and stashing them away. If I can keep on task, I might have a doily to enter in the fair this summer - along with that hanky edging I'm working on. In any case, I decided I needed this book of doily patterns - Iris Niebach patterns are beautiful!

Hopefully I did not bite off more than I can chew with this one.

One of my diversions the past couple of weeks (yes, just one of them) is this jar of old bottlecaps and Scrabble tiles I found at an antique market.  (Funny how I went to a major garden center for spring home ideas and ended up buying antiques.)

My daughter asked me to collect bottlecaps (are caps other than the screw-on type on bottles anymore?) to make magnets.  Boy did we made magnets.  Any ideas on what else we could do with a million bottlecaps? 

And, hubby has been busy with some tiki torches.  Yes, the back yard is starting to look like a bar - but it's fun! We are looking forward to summer evenings with the torches lit.

See why I can't concentrate? 


  1. Tick tock tick tock... to do list? Are we supposed to do that? I thought the idea was to start as many projects as possible, not complete them! ; )

  2. You could always decoupage them and make jewelry out of them. You can even find resin stickers to put in the bottlecaps if you don't want to actually fill them with the resin yourself. That's a big trend right now.

  3. I LOVE the tiki bottles. Do you do custom orders? I'd love to surprise Bill with some of his favorite wines.

    I bet your doily will be lovely!

    1. Of course we can do a custom order for you :) Save me the wine bottles.

  4. I know how you feel. I often fantasize about cloning myself.

  5. I love your bottles great fun for the garden.

    I think we can all say about not finishing items before trying something else, at the moment I have two lots of knitting on the go and have two items of tatting to make and what am I doing a tatted cross.

    I hope you get your dolly finished it looks good so far



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