Sunday, October 16, 2016

More Crafty Wedding Stuff

Yes, we've made it through another wedding!  It's been so fun watching our 2 daughters marry their best friends - we now have TWO truly great son-in-laws.  And, in preparation, once again I chopped up another wedding dress.  YIKES!  This time it was my own dress.  What the heck? My dress has been in storage for 33 years, and my daughters didn't want to wear it.  Regardless, it's still difficult to cut up a beautiful dress.  Well, the first cut anyway . . . then I was on a mission!

My daughter wanted some lace from my dress for a sort of veil - just to drape down from a barrette on the back of her head.  So out came the scissors and some hot glue after finding a blingy barrette. Easy peasy!  Bluebird Wang at it again - it's incredible how much it costs to purchase a veil or headpiece.  Cheapy McCheaper Mom to the rescue, ha ha!

The intent was to just let it hang down in the back, but the photographer spread the lace out over her shoulders.  I think it was a wonderful idea, and looks like a beautiful shawl in some of the photos.  I really thought that was a fabulous idea - obviously he has some experience with brides!

We also saved some $$ by making the bouquets ourselves again.  We bought some bouquets of mixed flowers from Costco (a membership warehouse store) and figured out the  bouquets.  You can order mixed bouquets of certain colors (in season) and then take them apart to create bouquets.  A little floral wire and floral tape, and voila!  A mess, but WOW - were we pleased!  They turned out just perfect, and looked beautiful.  I did wake up on the day of the wedding hoping the flowers hadn't wilted or GOD FORBID froze in the refrigerator in the garage.  Needless to say, I was in the garage checking on them at about 5:30 a.m. 

I really think they look fabulous! [patting self on back here]

Another thing we did ourselves was make the cupcake stands.  We purchased crystal platters/plates from Goodwill, and glued them to various height glasses/sundae dishes/vases.  Better than renting a plywood cupcake "tree"!  Haven't seen cake and cupcake pictures yet, but they looked very nice.

The bride also made her centerpiece vases, and for favors dipped pinecones in wax with a wick wrapped around them for "fire starters" for fall bonfires.  They were in cello bags with fall colored ribbons, and a tag that said "C'mon baby, light my fire" with their name and date.  I love stuff like this - I think my girls have inherited this love as well!

And now, they've been married for a week.  What a fun day it was!

And, I think I can get back to some tatting and sewing on my own projects now.  I've been a little overwhelmed [to say the least] but I think we will get back to some normal routines now!  [What's normal, really?]

Happy Fall!  My favorite time of year.


  1. Looks so much like a fun and wonderful wedding, and I love the unique idea of the shawl on shoulders thing. You are very creative and I use to make bouquets for weddings and such for friends, and you did a great job with that too. Great post and nice to share with us blogging friends :)

  2. I enjoyed reading this post so much. Congratulations on two great sons-in-law now.

  3. Fabulous post, Cindy! Congratulations.

    You are very, very creative! I so admire all your preparatory work and how you managed to put it all together.

  4. I love seeing all you created for your daughter's wedding. Everything looks wonderful!

  5. Everything was beautiful, Cindy!! Congratulations on pulling together two weddings with all your crafty creativity. Nicely done!

    Glad you can look forward to finding the new 'normal.' Yes, whatever that is :-)


  6. Such wonderful pictures and what you did with your dress is so lovely! Great wedding and looks like fun!


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