Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dragging My Feet ...

The Task: Make straps for daughter's wedding dress.

Out of lace.  

Lace from my mother's wedding dress. 


My daughter's wedding will be on my parents' anniversary, so the plan was to use mom's dress, but it didn't fit right to wear as is. Then we figured we could use the lace somehow, some way.  Grandma and granddaughter will share a wedding anniversary, so shared lace would be awesome.

Straps!  Not crazy about a strapless dress, but we could add straps!  The bridal shop charges a pretty penny to add straps.  The lace from mom's dress was originally white, but is discolored enough after all these years to match the ivory lace of the new dress.  Perfect.  We like to be sentimental, we do. 

How do I get myself into these things?  "Sure, I can do that - that's a great idea!" Boy, I have a big mouth sometimes.  

I have been the Queen of Procrastination on this task. But it's time to get it done, so it's my goal for this weekend. When it came down to it, I really had to force myself to cut into that lace. The lace on THAT dress. Mom is OK with it.  It's been sitting in a box for over 50 years.  But still. I CUT UP MY MOM'S WEDDING DRESS! 

A daunting task, but finally, the straps are in process.  The lace is so pretty, but the pattern is a bit too wide to use as we wanted.

Some modification to the original idea will be necessary.  I will be sewing it to some organza, so I have some figuring to do.  I think one edge will have to be straight to get it to the desired width. Dang it. 

To be continued ...


  1. You are so funny!!! Gorgeous lace! I'm glad you got started after all!

  2. Wow ! Gorgeous lace !!! No wonder you procrastinated & then some :-)
    Looking forward to your progress - you know you can do it (at least We know you can ;-P)

  3. I love the look on your face! That's exactly how I'd feel. However, I have confidence that you are up to the task!


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