Sunday, May 31, 2015

Avoiding the Doily

Yes, I am avoiding work on the Spring Doily.  I have only the final round to go, but it's just like me to feel a 'need' to do something else.  Just like the birthday quilt that needs only the binding to finish, and the wedding dress straps that need a little top stitching. Ha!  

Mom gave me some handwork thread to try - Sulky Blendables.  It's actually more for embroidery and appliqué, but I know others have tried it for tatting too, and it comes in nice variegated colors.  I thought I should try it out, and have been thinking I need a stash of cross bookmarks anyway.  And Mom needs a few more bookmarks to have on hand too.  Perfect diversion from actually completing any of the larger projects in waiting . . .

First I tried this little cross - the Pearl Cross Bookmark by Dianna Stevens. It ended up a little smaller in size than I wanted, and I didn't plan ahead well and ended up with a too-short tail for my liking. Oops.  I guess it will still keep one's place in a book, though.  

The Blendables thread seems to compare to about size 40.  Much nicer size than the sewing thread I tried - my eyes were practically crossed trying that.  Honestly, I thought it would be quite a feat to tat with tiny thread.  Surely it must be an accomplishment to be proud of, right?  I don't think I like it enough to struggle with it again.  I am not sure why one would use such tiny thread, I can't see the beautiful stitches anyway!

Back to trying out more of the Blendables colors.  I love Jane's bookmark pattern, so I thought I'd try the cross variation by Grace Tan

I love the look of this cross, and it works into a very nice size bookmark with the Blendables.  I really didn't mind tatting with this thread as long as I didn't need to un-tat my stitches much.  I did some un-tatting that led to a break that led to some ranting.  But only once.  A good long rant that addressed many unrelated thoughts  :)

And, I started another book too.   There are just so many things I want to do, and not enough time to do them all.  And many times I find that completing a few smaller projects gives me the satisfaction of actually completing SOMETHING, and then it's easier to get back on track with the larger projects.  Weird? Nah. Just the way my crazy brain works I guess.  Besides, I can squeeze in some reading at lunchtime easier than I can accomplish much tatting.  Wouldn't want to waste any time, you know.

Back to the worst (but most necessary) deadly time-sucker tomorrow.  The job.  Takes up a lot of time, but I gotta pay for all these hobbies somehow :)  I'll get back to finishing the Spring Doily. Soon. 


  1. I do the same thing with my projects, and great job on the crosses you really need to break up a project with more little projects, that's what I always do :) that what keeps the bluebird happy!

  2. I totally agree with you! There's something very satisfying about completing small projects. I like tatting with the finer thread for bookmarks because they're not as bulky in the books. However, the stitches do show up better with heavier thread. I love the 12 wt. Sulky blendables.

  3. Job scmob! Haha! The crosses look wonderful! Now get to work on the doily...
    Why do you think it took me four years to do the quatrain? I kept doing little motifs. 😃

  4. No, I just suffer along, berating myself constantly for mistakes, on the huge and then sort of large projects! Must be the masochist in me. ; ))

    Your tatting looks lovely.

    I find I am not fond of the Blendables, though I used to be a big fan. Like you, I do like see the stitches clearly. Maybe it's just old eyes at this stage!

  5. Kindred spirits ;-D My Wiosna is lying neglected, with just a few repeats left to complete, while I have 'hedonistically' ventured into layers, curls, classes, & TALs !!! And more to come ;-P
    I like the cross bookmarks you've tatted. Very dainty & pretty.

  6. You're accomplishing a lot! I've always loved Grace Tan's ingenious cross variation on Jane's bookmark pattern, but have yet to tat it. It's a good size in that thread - and lovely colors!

    I think it's good to take a break from the larger projects - and you are over the biggest hurdle with the lovely gown straps. It is a wonderful idea and will make the day even more special!

    Enjoy your book! We really must let ourselves float free now and then! The guys don't 'stress' over doing something every minute! They don't 'need' to have projects going when watching the game! (They can, however, yak for hours over their collector cars at the cruises!) I've often wondered why so many of us gals are obsessed with not 'wasting' time! My mother did not insist that I 'stay busy' all the time. On my own I I wanted to learn as many crafts as possible and tried a lot of them, but I also rode my bike for hours and roller skated and generally floated free. . Wonderful childhood memories at a time when we felt very safe and carefree. However, my husband wishes that I had considered 'cooking' as a hobby or craft! LOL!!! But he does appreciate the sweaters I knit for him and has put up with all my hobbies - for 51 years!!

  7. Love your blendable crosses. I enjoy tatting with it but not retrotatting although a sharp needle helps.


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