Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bluebird Babies

What kind of a Happy Bluebird would I be if I didn't show you pictures of our bluebird babies?

These are not the best pictures, but pretty good through the kitchen window.  The babies have been hanging out on our deck eating the mealworms we leave out for them.

It's kind of hard to tell they are bluebirds because they are just "wanna-be's" at the moment, with just a little blue starting to appear.  Their landings are somewhat unstable as of yet, but they are so cute to watch!

They are sweet little birds with big eyes.

And they've already taken after the adults by finding good spots to perch.  They seem to perch on anything to take in the view.

We have lived in this particular house for 6 years, and only since then have had bluebirds in our yard.  We are happy to see that their numbers increase each year - we are up to 3 houses with bluebird pairs, so hopefully they will continue to return each spring. 

I really love these little birds - and I consider them my own personal little bluebirds of happiness. 

There.  I've shared the baby pictures like a good bluebird would :)


  1. I've always wondered what the bluebird connection was. I love bluebirds too. There's been plenty of blue jays around here but they tend to chase all the other birds off, including the beautiful cardinals. I'm not home enough to see the wildlife so much anymore so I appreciate your wonderful photos!

  2. They really are beautiful birds- thank you for your lovely pictures and sharing them with us!

  3. very nice to see the babies, you don't always get to see them.

  4. How nice that you get a good view of them. Thanks for sharing such cute baby pictures!


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