Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crafting at the Pet Store?

While working on this:

I found myself in the reptile section at the pet store.  Yes, the reptile section.  For pincushion filling.  Yep.  It was suggested that I use crushed walnut shells for filling, to be found as bird or reptile bedding.  I ttried Wal-Mart's pet section first, but ended up at two pet stores.  Who would've thought I'd be spending my craft money at the pet store?  My only concern is making something for anyone with severe nut allergies. If I didn't use pins from this pincushion for any reason on my tatting, do you think it would be an issue using items from the pockets for someone with nut allergies?  I could substitute with brillo pads or wool roving, but the weightiness of the crushed walnut (similar to sand) is really nice to keep this caddy in place.

In any case, I wanted something to fit on my chairs to keep my tatting or sewing supplies in.  AND, it had to work on a regular stuffed chair arm too.  Luckily, I can use it for both!  I just added some ties on the back side to be able to tie to wooden armchairs.  Those pockets will be handy for all my tools and supplies :)

Now I just need to use it awhile and see if there's anything I need to change for my own use.  The original pattern has crazy quilted pockets that would be fun to try decorated with tatting.  But for now, I went for quick and easy.


And now, a peek at my office wall at work.  I will miss this wall - my motivational wall that coworkers stop in to read.  Our building is being renovated, and I don't think special accomodations will be made to save my wall.

Kids that visit help decorate:

For this week's creative inspiration, I'll leave you with this one.  I think it applies to work AND personal life:

Use the talents you possess -
the woods would be silent
if no birds sang there
except those that sang best.
-Henry Van Dyke


  1. I love your wall! I enlarged the pic to read more!

  2. as for the nut allergy question, I don't know, it depends on if dust from the shells will filter through the cloth, or if it gets wet.... I had often heard of peanut allergies, but hadn't heard about tree nut allergies, now my daughter who is nearly 30 is allergic to hazelnuts and cashews.
    what about sand? or new clean fish tank gravel?

  3. Love the wall and the caddy. If it works well will you share the pattern...I need something to keep all of my gear together :)


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