Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dr. VonThreadmore Sighting

I was stunned to see Dr. VonThreadmore in Minnesota early this morning - out in my garden, no less!  She was nibbling cilantro and inspecting the tomatoes when I found her.  She denied the nibbling, but was impressed with the healthy looking tomatoes and zucchini. After a somewhat snarky comment about my weeding abilities, I convinced her to join me for some tatting chatter and tea in my air-conditioned kitchen.

While I brewed us some Ginger Pear tea, the Dr. told me of her recent globetrotting in search of laboratory inspiration.  She had been feeling down and uninspired, but I could tell she was gaining renewed enthusiasm for creating some beautiful colorways.  She didn’t want to elaborate on all the places she’s been so far or where she was headed next; she just wants to enjoy Minnesota while she’s here.  I had to explain that we are having an incredibly hot, humid, rainy, stormy summer here, but we have many beautiful lakes and rivers to cool off in.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have time for a trip to the lake -  she wanted to continue her travels for all the inspiration she could soak up before returning home. 
Over our early morning tea, she shared with me some of her colorway ideas from my neighborhood, and I showed her my fair ribbons and my start on a handkerchief edging.  We had a wonderful chat, and I assured her that I would forward her notes to Krystle so that she could confidently be on her way to her next stop. 

I can’t wait to hear where she is next!


  1. Oh, lucky you, to have a visit with The Good Doctor! Too bad there wasn't more time for a visit to the lakes. Good that you forwarded the info to Krystle...
    : )) Fox

  2. How exciting to meet Dr. VonThreadmore! I'd heard she was out and about. Glad you had the chance to visit. I'm sure she left inspired :)

  3. She is an unapologetic nibbler, thank you so much for visiting with her! Don't tell her I said this, but I'm starting to miss her shenanigansa around here...


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