Friday, September 18, 2009

Doilies and Doll Quilts

I finished! Another tatted doily under my belt. Here it is:

Some things about tatting are beginning to 'click' for me after much time trying to learn this art. Even after successful completion of the T.A.T. Apprentice Phase, I am pegging "Aha!" moments in my brain quite often. While tatting this doily over the past 2 weeks, I realized I was frontside/backside tatting without even realizing I was doing it. (I have only recently been able to recognize the front stitches from the back.) Unfortunately, I think I got mixed up a few times and worked frontside on the back and backside on the front. Oh well. Apparently, the stitches are getting more familiar, and being able to do some things instinctively is a good sign. (It reminds me of when I finally understood what crochet stitches were supposed to look like - and once I got that down, most crochet patterns became so clear and easy.) Along with the frontside/backside tatting, I was using up-joins and down-joins. Not sure I did that correctly, but I was using up-joins while frontside tatting and down-joins for the back. At least I was consistent, anyway.
I don't much like how the chains look on this doily - they were very difficult for me to get even in length. I know my tension still needs some work, but overall I love this pattern!

Doll Quilts

Last week while on vacation, I also got these doll quilts put together.

I made that crazy Mary Engelbreit quilt a couple of weeks ago, and the fabric was so busy I thought it would be good to use for doll blankets. I ended up making 6 little doll quilts, and a couple of co-workers will match them with dolls/stuffed animals to donate to a local crisis nursery. It's satisfying to know that some little hands can hug them tight at a time when they need a little security.

It's been a busy week being back to work after a 10-day staycation. This morning I am heading out to congratulate my dear daughter as she finishes her first 5K. She and a friend are participating to support the Special Olympics. She's not a runner, but a determined participant nonetheless!


  1. Lovely doily! Where is the pattern from?

  2. Thanks Krystle. The pattern link is in my previous post - I originally saw the doily in 'Mayflower's album on InTatters, and thought it was so pretty I had to try it!

  3. Very pretty! :) Love this doily, but then I think I've mentioned that before. ;)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. Congratulations on your doily - and your frontside/backside tatting! It just keeps getting easier the more you do. Your quilts look good. It's wonderful they are going to such a nice cause.

  5. Congrats! Lovely work. Isn't it odd how all of a sudden you are doing something once impossible easily, unaware that you are doing so? I have also been experiencing this as the stitches start to make sense and the whole tatting adventure begins to coalesce into a muscle memory..... Fun, no? Fox : ))


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