Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bags, bags, bags!

I love, love, love bags.  You could call me a bag lady. (Some people probably do!)  I make tote bags, drawstring bags, and now - tatting bags.  I certainly don't need any more bags, but I just love to make them. They are a quick, easy crafting fix for me - a kind of stress relief, I think.  I am working on a simple laptop bag/sleeve for the English Major at the moment with fabric from the stash.

I whipped up some simple drawstring bags for hubby to put his things in to haul when he goes ice fishing.  A little protection for the weather radio, GPS and binoculars.  Nothing fancy, just practical convenience.  This is an easy to whip-up pattern for a lined drawstring bag.

I also saw this "sock sack" for carrying needles & yarn for knitting socks.  I thought it would make a good tatting bag, so I made some of these for Secret Santa gifts, and a couple for myself too.

Sometimes I just try to figure out a pattern on my own.  Not with any intention of hurting anyone's pattern business - it's just a good challenge for me - sort of like figuring out a puzzle or something.  I bought a little jewelry bag many years ago, and decided it would make a great tatting bag if it was just a bit larger.   So, I made myself a tatting bag and added some tatting to the top edge.  I made another of these for a Christmas gift for a friend.  I now see that these bags are sold as tatting bags, so I wasn't as original as I thought I was.  (Always a day late, I am.  Not to mention a dollar short!) Anyway, I still love this bag - one could use it for many things.  I will probably make more :)

A visit to a MN Lace Society meeting last spring introduced me to Arlene Linton - someone that doesn't make any lace - she paints it.  She had designed some fabric with her painted lace on it, and I picked up a few fat quarters that she was selling.  Perfect!

This picture shows the "painted lace" fabric - wish I could get more of that.  It is such pretty fabric, and is great for tatting bags.  I wanted to make all the Secret Santa bags from this fabric, but didn't have enough.

Now, if I could just design some tatting patterns as easily.  Maybe that will come someday :) 


  1. I love all your bags! I'm a little bit bag obsessed also - it seems I have a great need to have my tatting or sewing stuff with me.

    I also use a jewelry bag for my tatting. My mom gave me a small one years ago. I didn't know it was for jewelry (that's how behind in the game I am) and always used it for sewing. When I started tatting again I made a bigger version. Wish I could get some of your painted lace fabric also. It is PERFECT! So I'm going to wish that lady GREAT success and hope that someday I find a bolt of her fabric in the shop.
    :) Ann

  2. Lovely bags! You woman can't have too many bags. LOL! I purchased a tatting bag very much like yours. Knowing how to make them, though! You can choose whatever fabrics you want. That lace fabric is the bee's knees!

  3. I love bags too but don't have near the time I need to make them. I have a couple of patterns I've been craving to make for a few years. Then I bought this little teeny one last fall that has intrigued me to no end and I think I'm going to have to make that one before 2010 is over. Yours look so pretty!

  4. Oh I just love that lace fabric!

  5. Those bags are cute. I absolutely love the color play on that last one. Beautiful!

  6. I love your bags! =) THanks so much for mine! =)


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