Saturday, February 27, 2010


This 25-Motif Challenge is as addicting as they say!  But, I'm using the challenge as I intended to - to learn and practice my tatting.  I am counting these as motif nos. 10, 11, 12 and 13.  I've been trying to achieve the "Aha!" moments of being able to look at a piece and really see the stitches, know the front from the back, the joins, etc.  I have had glimpses of each of these moments, but while I was working on this bookmark pattern (Flowers by Jill Hanna from the book Tatted Bookmarks from Handy Hands), I realized that I was able to tat this bookmark very comfortably and quickly.  Here it is in my favorite Lizbeth color "Carribbean", size 40:

When I realized how easy and quick this pattern was, I decided to do a little thread experimenting to see how the different sizes of threads looked using the same pattern.  I made 4 bookmarks:

From Left to Right, the threads used are:

  • Perle Cotton, Size 12

  • Lizbeth 'Carribean', Size 40 (same size as perle cotton size 12 - a couple extra stitches)

  • Krystledawne's 'Be Mine', Cebelia Size 30

  • Blue Variegated Crochet Cotton, Size 20
It's very hard to show the thread size difference in my photos, but it's helpful to me to see the differences using the same pattern.  I can see that perle cotton size 12 seems to be about the same size as Lizbeth size 40. (I made the bookmark in Lizbeth size 40 a little bit longer, or it would have been the same length as the perle cotton.)  The cebelia size 30 is just a smidge larger, and the size 20 cotton seems really big and bulky.  All of them make for nice bookmarks!  (Guess what everyone is getting in their birthday card this year?)  I definitely think this pattern looks better in 2 solid colors vs. a variegated thread - don't you?  I'm still trying to figure out what types of patterns look good with variegated thread and which ones don't.

This is the perle cotton size 12 on the left, Lizbeth size 40 on the right:

and here's the Cebelia size 30 on the left, crochet cotton size 20 on the right:

(I can't seem to get the lighting on my camera just right, so everything is dark and yellow.  Ugh.)

It's fun to experiment when time permits.  Obviously, my spoiled canines (Taffy and Ruby) think I've been spending entirely too much time tatting.  Don't they look unloved and ignored?  Such sad, deprived looking canines.

Boy, are they good LIARS actresses!


  1. Interesting to see the differences. In the photos, the Lizbeth looks the sharpest - no fuzz and the picots are very distinct. The size differences are easily seen as well. Thanks for the comparisons.

    You are getting to be so FAST! GOOD!
    Fox : )

  2. Cool. I'd really consider getting the book. Is it the one edited by Ms Foster?

  3. Love the Bookmarks and the colours come up well!!!!

  4. Fox - It seems like the Lizbeth thread has nice body, and makes the stitches really visible.

    wickedtats - the book is edited by Barbara Foster - all nice, easy bookmarks.

    TypsTatting - thanks :)

  5. Very pretty pattern and you have tatted them very finely.

  6. Hey, Cindy! My comment was supposed to read that you are getting so fast AND good!!! Just saw this by accident, but thought I'd get it straight! Your tatting has developed remarkably!
    Fox : )

  7. Thanks Fox! It's funny how things all of a sudden "click" and it all becomes so much easier. (Bite my tongue.)

  8. Hi Cindy! Your bookmarks are very pretty! I am loving the pretty colors and stuff! Your doggies are cute! I've missed visiting everyone as much as I used to! It looks like I've missed out on a lot of tatting fun here and everyone.

    I know what you mean about the 25 Motif Challenge being addictive! LOL!

  9. Hi Cindy!
    I read this post the other day but just realized that I never commented. I'm sure some kid of mine distracted me, you know the drill...

    I wanted to tell you how pretty the bookmarks are. I really like that pattern - it's so versatile and looks great in all the variations you tatted up! It's always fun to see a pattern from a book I have overlooked which I can add to my inner wish list.

    :) Ann


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