Saturday, March 13, 2010


Motif #14 of the 25-Motif Challenge is Sherry's Hope butterfly, pattern found here.  I tried this pattern a couple of times, and ended up finishing this one in size 20 metallic thread and white.  I thought that might be a pretty combination, but I seem to have trouble with metallic thread!  See the yellow wing with no metallic strand of thread?  This particular thread did not cause me any grief when I used it on a bookmark, so I thought it was good and strong compared to the softer Altin Basak thread that I had a heap of trouble with.  I think on this one I was just pulling too hard- I tend to crochet very tightly, and I think that habit is spilling over into my tatting as well.  An even worse problem while tatting this butterfly was weaving in the ends at the very end.  I don't know why that task causes me such grief, but the first one I did looked terrible at the very end, so I threw it away.  So frustrating!  In any case, I love this butterfly for many reasons, and my problems with it were definitely operator error, not the 'program'!  It just doesn't look as neat as I would like it to.

Sherry notes that she created this pattern to remind her fellow tatters of the 'threads that bind us together, and that we are not alone'.   Lately (and because I'm a sap) I have been noticing various types of symbolism, and felt not only some hope while tatting this one, but some other things came to mind as well.  Along with hope, a butterfly symbolizes endurance, change, life and resurrection.  For my own reasons, this is a gratifying little tatting accomplishment - thanks to Sherry!


  1. It's such a pretty pattern and you did a wonderful job tatting it! I like the combination of threads very much. I've used metallic threads a couple times for embroidery - loved the effect but they can be so frustrating (as you know).
    :) Ann

  2. Your "Hope" butterfly looks adorable! Coincidentally, I have been pairing up balls of thread all afternoon, looking for the combo that looks "just right" for "Hope," and wondered whether I wanted to use a solid for the inside of the wings or the outside. Thanks to you I can see how lovely it looks to use an interior solid. Thank you for sharing your wonderful flutter and your thoughts!

  3. What a lovely Buterfly and the colours workr=ed out so well.

  4. Interesting post today. The butterfly is lovely!

    I know how you felt, throwing that finished piece away after it didn't look right after you sewed in the ends! Done that a lot!

    Jane E. suggested using the needles that are self-threading - Singer makes some - and since I began using them, I have had more luck. They are thicker than the tapestry ones I was using, but sharp and seem to do the trick!
    Fox : )

  5. Thanks Fox - I'll have to try those needles!


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