Saturday, January 29, 2011

If You Can't Beat it . . .

Join it!  Yes, we love to complain about the weather here, but there's nothing we can do about it, so we might as well get out and enjoy it when we can.  No tatting today - just some good fresh air.

Our local parks have rentals for things like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and kick sledding, and today was a "Snow Day" to try out that equipment for free.  I grew up snowmobiling and cross-country skiing, but I've never tried snowshoeing - so that seemed like the thing to try.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy snowshoeing is.  You just walk, being mindful of how far apart you are keeping your feet so as not to trip yourself, and enjoy the scenery.  You don't sink down into the snow too much, so it really makes walking much easier than normal in boots.  Then to turn around without tripping yourself, you just have to make a wide circle.  Good exercise! 

There were tons of people there - it was great to see all the families out enjoying the snow.  Temperatures were decent in the upper 20's, so bundled up,it was actually quite comfortable. (And when you are out of shape and huffing and puffing around on snowshoes, it's plenty warm - I was sweating!)

The kicksledding looked fun too - these dads were pushing small kids with a running start, and then riding the backs of the skis once they got going:

And of course, outdoor fun isn't complete without a bonfire and some s'mores - no matter what time of year it is.  Does everyone make s'mores?  Graham crackers, chocolate bar and a roasted, melting marshmallow.  Yum!

And home again, home again, jiggety jig.  Since temperatures are dropping tonite, and it is supposed to start snowing again, I will be back to indoor activities tomorrow.  Hopefully my legs will not be rubber!


  1. That looks like TERRIFIC exercise! The sleds look fun too. S'mores? Hand me a stick!

    :) Ann

  2. Snowmobiling scares me. I'm not sure I have the strength for cross country skiing, although I would like to try it. But snowshoeing... now that looks like fun! ...and I love s'mores!

  3. I have never done any snow activities but this seems like fun!


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