Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Own Rules Don't Work!

For some reason, this lovely little heart made me crazy!  I started several times, making up my own rules as to when to reverse work.  That was dumb.  Do other tatters make up their own rules until they figure out how a pattern REALLY goes?  I'm not always sure I interpret patterns correctly, but I know I've read a lot of things about designers all writing a bit differently.  Problem is, this pattern doesn't have written instructions, just a diagram.  In most cases, that seems easier to me.  Apparently not this time! 

I finally realized that I was making it so much harder than it really was, and got into a rhythm that seemed to be going pretty well.  Until I got done and realized I missed a join or two.  Oops.  Dang, that makes me mad when I do that.  I know I can go back and stitch those missed joins, but I want to do it right the first time.  That's the perfectionist in me rearing its ugly head again.

I was determined to complete this heart - I've seen it many times on others' blogs, and I think it's so pretty.  I finally got it!  Not the best work I've ever done, but at least I quit trying to make it up as I went :)  A little beyond Valentine's Day, but it is still February.  I am going to count this as Motif #12 of my 2nd 25-Motif Challenge. Just one motif.  (Seems like it should count as about 4 after all that work!)

Motif #12
Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts
Tropical Punch Lizbeth, Size 20

Ta Da!


  1. very pretty, good job on sticking with it, it was well worth it :)

  2. So, you finally did it! Good job.
    If you miss a join, you could always use your piece for cardmaking. You can do miracles with a bit of glue!!! But you don't need that anymore, you got it right!

  3. I've tatted this heart several times but it always makes me stop and think - which direction? You might make a xerox copy of the diagram and as you're going along next time, put in arrows to tell you which direction to go. It's confusing also because when you get to the opposite side, the order of things is different. I think you've done a wonderful job of tatting it!

  4. very pretty, you did a very good job tatting it, and congratulations on your persistence.

  5. I think you did a great job with it! I absolutely love this heart!! I have made it a few times before to give as gifts, and am nearly finished with my latest attempt (with a twist). Ironically I am using the same color variety as you chose:-) Hope to have a picture posted of it by tomorrow.

  6. Oh, boy! I had to laugh! Yes, I have the same experience with this heart and also in setting out my own peculiar rules! Never works!

    You did a fine job! It looks great and I congratulate you on your stick-to-it attitude and your striving for excellence.

    I will always enabe another perfection-obsessed tatter!

    Fox : ))

  7. You deserve three cheers for finishing this famous and delightful Queen of Hearts by Mary Konior! I'm always intrigued to see it done in different thread colors.

    When Tattin' Kat recently showed her lovely version in Lizbeth Spring Garden, I was finally inspired to tat it (but haven't posted yet).

    I certainly applaud Mary for being one of the first to publish diagrams in color and minimize the written directions, but I also had difficulty knowing which way to turn! Plus it still isn't clear to me which picots are joined together, and I had to wing it. The drawing isn't as precise as I would have liked!

    Congratulations on a job well done!

  8. I love that heart pattern, but I really have to pay attention or I get messed up really quickly! You did a wonderful job, and I love the thread you used.

    Oh, are there rules? ; )

  9. Ooooh, love that heart in that Tropical Punch! :)
    And I have been having that same problem with interpreting a diagram for about 6 months now and have finally gotten it after 3 starts(on a doily), so I understand. :)

  10. Your tatted heart is beautiful as is the colors. Hugs Judy


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