Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bookmarks and Threads

More bookmarks for my stash!  These will be Motif #s 13 & 14.  I have recently given away more bookmarks - it's so nice to have them on hand to give to friends that are interested in seeing my tatting, and also to include in birthday or get-well cards.

2nd 25-Motif Challenge
Motif #13
Salmon colored size 8 cotton perle

2nd 25-Motif Challenge
Motif #14
Yarnplayer's Tourmaline HDT, Size 20 

I made the second one to practice my own stitches and get it a bit neater, and I also thought it would turn out a tad smaller using this thread.  I was surprised that it is very much the same size, if not bigger, than the size 8 perle cotton.

I've also found that when going from using thread sizes 20 to 30 to 40, the change isn't as significant as I thought it would be from one to the next.  I am liking the sizes 30 and 40 best right now, though I use a lot of size 20 for bookmarks.  I may be brave enough to try some of those finer threads soon - like the Sizes 70, 80 and 100.  Yikes! Better try size 50 first, and then gradually try each one in succession.

Another question crossed my mind recently as I've been emptying shuttles while practicing various techniques. I came across some shuttles that I apparently wound a long time ago, and I wondered if anyone else still fights with putting the thread through the hole on the post of the shuttle and tying a knot?   I learned to load a shuttle this way, and never gave it a second thought until I saw Jane's post over a year ago.  After I read this post, I chuckled at myself for being so particular about doing it "right", and have never once put the thread through that hole and tied a knot since.  I am a very procedural person - which is a hindrance at times!


  1. I did that with post shuttles for a long time too until I was at a Tat Day and someone showed me how to use the slip knot. It's SO MUCH EASIER and so convenient. When I get to the end, I just tug and it comes undone.

    I like working in 30, 40, and 50 the most right now. 60 isn't too bad but 70 and 80 are just so teensy and it seems almost tedious compared to the other sizes so I don't use them so much unless it's something small and quick. The finer threads are so delicate and lacy looking but I think 40 & 50 are too.

  2. hmmm, I don't do like either of you, being a long time sewer, I just do it like a bobbin, I put through the hole, and hold a tiny bit on the edge, wind 2 or 2 strands around to secure the end and whala, finish wrapping, since there is such a tiny amount held out, the extra strands wrapped around the post takes up the extra slack and securely holds the thread to the post, I would have never thought about any knots or slip knots, to me it would have seemed like putting an extra bump in the smoothness of the bobbin tension, but that again is the sewing part of me... see what happens when you don't read instructions before you try to learn something? you do it different than intended.

  3. oh, and btw, I absolutely love your book marks, they are really pretty, I will have to give that pattern a try :) very very nice :) I always like seeing your tatting :)

  4. Your bookmarks are beautiful! I especially like the second one. I still put my thread through the hole, although I did use the slip knot for a while. My favorite size thread right now is 40.

  5. I like your bookmarks, they are gorgeous!I never put the thread through the hole. I find it rather cumbersome. When all the thread on the shuttle gets used and it comes off, I finger tat the rest of it.


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