Sunday, March 27, 2011

Live and Learn

Thanks for all the input on color choice for the last round of this doily.  It really helps to hear other opinions, and I did think about it a little differently after reading the comments. 

My first thought was the lavender because it would probably blend in subtly, exactly as some said.  But then I thought about the comment saying whatever color I chose would be the main color of the doily overall.  Lavender didn't seem like a good choice then. Green was good too, but it seemed like it would be too dark.

I did really like how the yellow/peach thread matched the color in the Summer Trail, so after thinking about what the overall color might be, I went with that one.  It matches very well, and doesn't stick out as dramatically as I thought it would.  Finally done!  It's good to turn that To-Do into a Ta-Da. 

That said, I'm going back to making doilies in mostly ecru, cream or white, with just a little color accent.  Who in the sam hell would use a doily this color?  The thread is beautiful, the pattern is beautiful, but really, as a whole it is not appealing to me.   I'm not sure why I thought this variegated thread was a good idea - I've always crocheted doilies in a cream, white or ecru, with possibly a hint of color using a solid thread. Is it just boring old me? I think this would have been better in a cream color, with or without the color on just the last round.  Disappointing that I won't ever use it, but a good lesson.  Sometimes it doesn't work to think outside the box!  Live and learn.  I'll save the beautiful HDTs for bookmarks and motifs!

Thread color choice is so important, just like it is with fabrics for quilting.  It is definitely personal preference, but it is amazing how patterns can look so different with various color choices.  

I am already choosing another doily pattern to work on.  It will probably be in boring old cream this time :) 


  1. Your doily looks lovely. As for who would use it... I would! I have colorful doilies all over my house. I also have white and ecru. I used to worry about color choices until my mom said something to me about looking in a flower garden and noticing the mix of colors. I've never worried about too much color ever since then!

  2. I have to confess that I have colorful doilies all over the place. I tend to coordinate the colors of the room with the doily. It works as an accent in the room. I really love the way the colors worked with the pattern you used.

  3. Well I don't 'do' or have doilies around the house. Having said that yours would tempt me to in those colours. I think it's fantastic.

  4. It is SOOOO pretty - I would use it! In taking lots of pictures of flowers a few years ago, I noticed what Diane is talking about - the beauty of the mix in colors. It also made me more adventurous with color in my projects and my home. Try popping the color of the doily with some pretty solid fabric underneath and see if you like it.

    :) Ann

  5. I think this worked out beautifully! You made the PERFECT color choice for the last round, and the HDT is lovely.

    I think color has made a lot of the vintage doilies come to life.

    This would make a nice addition to an an Easter display, such as under a small vase with Spring flowers. No need to hide it away!

    I believe this would get a lot of attention at a Fair because it IS colorful, and well balanced! The general public is not as aware as we are of the lovely threads we have to work with today!

  6. I am grinning... I have never heard that expression, " who in the sam hell" before! A new addition to my repertoire!

    As for the peach, it is perfect! And my first reaction was lavender! But, I liked the peach the best. So, what is the lesson here? Go with your first and instant reaction, or go with what you like most? In this case the later worked and it worked beautifully! Very nice doily!

    I am doing a white border and must admit I am enjoying it as a much needed break from all the colour I used last year. White is good for a change.
    Fox : )

  7. I don't use doilies. I have too much "stuff". Doilies would get lost, covered up, spilt on, cat-haired on....

    But I do think this is a beautiful representation of your tatting and if it were me, I'd frame it, maybe on black velvet to make the colors pop, and hang it as a work of art. Or white velvet? Any solid would bring out the colors and design but especially a neutral like black or white.

  8. Thank you for such positive comments and great ideas. I do think it would be a "special" doily - perfect for Easter. I like the idea of putting on a solid color tablecloth with a vase of spring flowers on it. I hadn't really thought about framing it, but it would be great on the wall of my sewing/craft room.

    Maybe I was a little harsh about it :/

  9. Forgive me for being a bit late to the comment party, but I must chime in enthusiastically. I LOVE this doily and I wouldn't hesitate to use in. (So glad I don't live anywhere near "the Sam hell," hee hee!)

  10. It looks beautiful! I'd thought the yellow would stick out too much but now that I see the picture, it works really well. I agree about wanting to do doilies in white or cream. Besides being more neutral and versatile in a room, it also helps the pattern to pop more. But your idea of putting this doily on a colored tablecloth topped with flowers sounds great. Thinking of the possibilities for special occasions as opposed to everyday decor helps the case for colored doilies a lot.

  11. Turned out lovely. Too pretty to not use! Enjoy using it and show off your great tatting. Karen in OR

  12. I think your doily is awesome!!! :)
    And if it's not quite to your liking it might make a great gift for someone...just an extra thought to add to all the other wonderful ones.

  13. Another vote for BEAUTIFUL!!


Thanks for your thoughts - I read and appreciate every one!