Sunday, May 15, 2011

No . . . I need another day!

Is it really Monday tomorrow?  Dang - I've been on a roll! 

I finally got a start on the Flowerpiece doily from Mary Konior's Tatting With Visual Patterns. (OK, I got more than one start.)

Took me a few tries to get it right.  The pattern is quite simple, it's my brain that didn't comprehend an extra picot and join from the diagrammed pattern.

Once I read the instructions and followed the pattern correctly, I got the center done.  Whew!  I really do make things difficult sometimes.

I'm using an ecru Cebelia size 20 for the main motifs, and I've started on the chains in Lizbeth size 20 "Mountain Breeze".  I really like using beautiful colored threads as an accent vs. an entire doily, so  "ecru" is not a swear word for me.  (Hate to admit it, but I know and use plenty of others anyway.)  I'm liking the look so far.

My plan is to continue the next 4 rounds of chains in the Mountain Breeze, and then do the final round of motifs in ecru again. 

On top of the tatting, I've been sewing like a madwoman this weekend. Again.  You know those bags I love to make? And the large purses that are so popular? Well, stuff ends up in the bottom of the bag, and I hate digging for everything. I started putzing around trying to come up with a purse organizer, and eventually found the perfect pattern. (Lazy Girl Designs.)  I met up with some friends on Saturday, and everyone agreed that a purse insert is a necessity!  So, these will make some purses smile:

My life is much easier with the contents of my purse organized and ready to move to the next bag at a moment's notice.

Need. Longer. Weekends.


  1. Love that thread color, one of my favorites, the colors just make my heart sing when I tat with it...and I like ecru very much too :-)

  2. Your doily is looking great!

    Purse organizers....I always buy a purse that has at least 3 compartments and several outside pockets. It's really hard to find what I really like so the idea of making my own bag and organizer appeals to me more and more.

  3. Your doily is looking great! I love the colors you've chosen. Funny... I was just looking at that doily and thinking about making it... after I finish the four hanky edgings I've started!

    I love your purse organizers! I have one that my mom bought for me several years ago. It's not nearly as pretty as yours, and it's simply a strip of pockets. Yours looks so much nicer. Maybe when I get up to Minnesota this summer...

  4. I really like your doily, your work is always so even!

    The purse organizers are great- not only for making it easier to find things but they would also make switching bags very easy. Lovely fabrics!

  5. I'm glad you got the doily center figured out. I'm like that, sometimes the simplest piece stumps me until by brain gets in gear. Using the ecru and the color thread will make it quite striking. I've used a lot ecru (and have lots of it!)and probably will in the future, too, I'm sure :-)

    You have so much energy! To do all that tatting and sewing, too! I have to buy purses with lots of pockets so I don't loose everything into the abyss. Love the colors you used.

  6. This is going to be really pretty. I also like excellent ecru, though I use lots of other colour as well. Looking good!

    Organizers? A must!
    Fox : )


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