Saturday, June 25, 2011

The NOOK did it . . .

I'm ALMOST done.  (Pitiful when I look at the accomplishments of others, but I'm really not comparing.)  It's getting there, but there's just so much LIFE to live!  Here is my Mary Konior doily - almost done. 

It's not a difficult pattern.  I tat a little at lunchtime at work, a little at night at home.  I said "a little".  I meant that!  A few minutes here and there.  I have so many excuses . . . but for the past week my excuse is my new NOOK Color.  A fun little gadget that is proving to be worth every penny.

While figuring out how to get books from the public library, I chose one of my favorite categories to search for a book (Historical Fiction) and proceeded to just pick a book and request it so I could "practice" downloading a library book. I started reading the book while just playing with the NOOK, and couldn't believe what I stumbled upon. 

First of all, not only is the book historical fiction, but the story is based in Minnesota/Wisconsin, so the locations are all familiar to me.  As I read, I found the main character to be a young woman photographer - another interest of mine.  And 15 pages into the book, a photographic subject had TATTING on his baptismal gown.  I thought that all was quite amazing since this was a book I just plucked from nowhere to "practice" with my NOOK!  Ironic.  A sign.  I believe I will have to finish the book.  AND finish my doily!  Only 2 more motifs to go to finish this small doily.  Join me on WINE WEDNESDAY for the finished product!  I will be enjoying a glass of red and showing proof of a finished doily :)

Another excuse is the gardening.  Well, rather the weeding.  I love my flowers, but hate the weeding.  This is the view from my patio:

The vegetable gardens are way in the background with my lovely toilet planter that was part of my excuse for not tatting much the LAST time I posted. So I get sidetracked easily.

 And this is the view toward the patio:

 I'm not so good at planning out the blooming, so all of the yellow will be gone soon, with very little to replace it.  Another WIP (work in progress) I'm afraid :)

See you Wednesday.  With some wine. 


  1. You are funny! Of course it is a sign! Tee hee! Good for you for recognizing it!

    The Mary Konior doily is beautiful! Really lovely work, Cindy.
    Fox ; )

  2. Hi Cindy!
    I have been gone TOOOO long! How many Wine Wednesdays have I missed? And here I am wasting some on a Saturday... don't worry, I'll get more.

    That's a really LOVELY doily - the colored chains are a great accent.

    I've wondered about the Nook. They do such a good job at displaying it and its accessories at Barnes and Noble, I have to walk by slowly to get an eyeful. Enjoy your book and garden. With the long summer days I become a time optimist - aren't there more hours a day during summer?

    :) Ann

  3. I also have a Nook and i do love it i tend to read much more since i have it. And i do love the doily!

  4. ...The best thing to do about comparing your tattings, is against yourself. I mean that in good way, to see how far you have come in your own tatting pieces!

    I love that doily pattern of Mary Konior's too. I did my "very first" doily using that pattern and few months ago, I gave it to my Mom! She was so touched. I do not care for the solid color (white) in the pattern but I love playing with colors. Your color combination is lovely! I used Lizbeth's Autumn Spice and Leafy Green for mine and was pleasantly surprised with it.
    If you like to take a peek at the pictures that I have of it...

    Your garden is lovely!

  5. My hubbie and i just got Nooks recently also, I am trying to figure out how to get tatting books to put on mine :D


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