Saturday, November 12, 2011

Virtual Tatting

We had some fun this morning with our Twin Cities Tatters gathering.  Michelle had a great idea to invite some blogging/tatting friends to our gathering by Skype.  Teresa suggested using Oovoo, a free video chat software available.  (My contribution to this conversation was idle - I've only Skyped with my daughter in my own living room for practice.)  In any case, Michelle got us all organized, and we were able to meet for a couple of hours this morning for our first virtual tatting get-together.  We lost eachother a few times, heard voices without video, and lost battery power once.  BUT, we did it.  An entry for the Guinness Book of Records maybe? 

Michelle and I met at our usual Caribou Coffee meeting spot, and got logged in with Diane, Dena and Teresa.   We shared a lesson on the SSSR, and started on the split chain.  Teaching/learning is a challenge using video chat - it was fun though, and quite impressive for our first try at this.  Most definitely something we want to do again. 

We did have a few people at Caribou wondering what we were doing.  I suppose it was an odd sight - Michelle and I sitting facing a laptop and chattering away, but not looking at eachother.  At one point Teresa told us someone was behind us looking at her - the gal just waved and left, obviously curious as to what the heck was going on.  Ha!  Isn't the internet amazing?


  1. Actually, there were several people (all women) who looked at the camera while ordering their coffee - at least two of then figured out what was going on and waved . . .

    It was a terrific idea. I learned how to do a SSSR so that was helpful. I don't think it will ever work for something that is really incredibly visual, like a split chain, but it's so worth doing again!

    I am ready for the next try!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I do need another lesson in the single shuttle split ring, though. Denise stopped by this afternoon, and I tried to demonstrate for her. I did something wrong and ended up with a half ring. I'm looking forward to tatting and chatting over the Internet again!

  3. I'm so glad that it went well today and quite bummed that I had to work and missed it! I think it was a great idea. Keep me in mind for the next time - I'd love to join you.

  4. wow, what a great way to get together when you don't live near each other.
    I have no other tatters near me, so envy those who can get together.

  5. Sounds cool! I had another commitment today, but thanks for the invitation. Can you just chat on this dealie if you don't have a web cam?

  6. I think this sounds so cool! It would be fun to do also

  7. Marilee - yes, you can just chat without a camera. But you can attach a camera to even a very old computer (at least one made in the last nine years for sure). You can pick up web cams at any office depot or staples or target or walmart for as little as ten bucks.

  8. I want to join you guys next time....this must have been a lot of fun.


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