Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blossoms and Hearts

My first attempt at the Blute 1  pattern of the Tischband Tat Along  Challenge from the Umi & Tsuru blog.  I decided to join in the Tat Along because it's an eye-catching pattern, and it helps me a great deal to be tatting the same thing as others to have something to compare to.  If you'd like to join the challenge, leave a comment here

Lady Shuttlemaker's Kopper Patina, Size 40 HDT

Once again, my tension is inconsistent.  Dang it!  I was thinking the first blossom I did (on the left) was maybe a bit too tight, but I like the look of it.  I had a heck of a time attaching my chains on that first one, and then I remembered leaving a very small bit of thread at the beginning of each chain in a similar pattern.  So, on the second blossom I left that extra thread for attaching, but now I think my tension was looser.  Ugh.  I'm not  happy with how this looks, but if nothing else, this will be great practice for my tension.  I think I will un-attach that 2nd one and try again!


And still working on hearts, I've also accomplished that Clover Drop Heart twice to empty a few more shuttles. (I failed miserably and trashed it back HERE.) I especially like the pale pink one with the brown edge.  I love having some empty shuttles again!


  1. Hi Cindy,

    I came by to have a look. Nice work. I love reading about why you joined the tat along. And exactly how we can learn from each other e.g. the tip you gave of leaving a small gap at the beginning of the chain.

    I do agree with you that the first one with tighter tension looks very pretty. I have the same problem with tension. Kopper Patina is lovely.

    Your Clover drop hearts are just lovely.


  2. Nothing wrong with your blossoms! They look great! And when they are separated a bit by the leaves, you do not notice any - um - imperfections!

    At least, that is what I am saying to myself about my wonky ones!
    Fox : )

  3. Very pretty blossoms, I like the thread color...gorgeous. lovely hearts as well...the pink and brown is really pretty :-)

  4. Your motifs and hearts are pretty! :)

  5. Ooh! I love the Kopper Patina! I'm not sure if I have that color or not, but it looks like a must have color to me!

    The hearts look terrific. I'm sure I have some shuttles around here that could use some emptying... great idea!

  6. Lovely flowers I hope to start doing some in the next few days but I have had a lot on, I want to do a few hearts first, your hearts are totally lovely I like the pink and brown one, do you have the pattern for them.

    1. Margaret - the pattern for the heart is called the "Clover Drop Heart". There is a link to the pattern in my previous post, or go to and it is one of the free patterns.


  7. Your flowers are lovely and I love the colours. I agree with Fox that I don't think anyone will notice when you add the leaves... that's MY story too!


Thanks for your thoughts - I read and appreciate every one!