Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tatting Along . . .

Two more leaves to go, and I'll be satisfied with my Tat Along progress.  I hope I can get them attached to everything I need to and keep it all laying flat! 

The Tischband Tat Along patterns and information are HERE, and with no time limit, it's the perfect learning pattern with plenty of help from others tatting the same thing.  Try it!

I've been working on tatting a leaf each evening, and really paying attention. (A far cry from finishing over the weekend, as I had originally planned . . .)  It is very easy to lose your place on this one, yet it's really quite an easy pattern. The difficult thing for me was that turning vs. flipping - but Frivole's video (HERE) made it all make sense for me. Sometimes it just takes that one visual to make my brain click! 

So, I'm off to tat another leaf. 

In the meantime, my sidekick is enjoying every bit of sunshine she can grab.   

Ruby follows any sunspot all over the living room.
(Excuse that little mess she is using for a pillow.)

 Seriously. She cracks me up.


  1. I like your choice of color to go along with the brown leaves. All my threads are pretty bright, so I don't know what to put with my leaves. I tat my remaining two leaves gold and brown or I'd use gold flowers.
    Your sidekick is so pretty!

  2. I love the colors you've chosen! I think I really need to attend another tatting meeting... Chinese food and all!

    1. Anytime Diane! Will you be visiting again soon?

  3. I agree! The colours you chose are very becoming. Is that a HDT you used for the flowers?

    1. Thanks! The flowers are in Lady Shuttlemaker's Kopper Patina - a gorgeous color!

  4. That is looking really great!! I love the colors!! :)


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