Sunday, July 22, 2012

Greetings from Finland!

I'm glad to finally be in Finland after all that planning and anticipation! 

I was able to get my tatting supplies on the flights with no problem, and got a little bit of tatting done too.  Now I hope the flights home will allow the same equipment through security :)

Yesterday, we visited Suomenlinna - islands just off of Helsinki with an old military fortress.  The weather was beautiful, sunny breezy mid-60's, and it was so enjoyable to stroll around and look at the Baltic Sea.

Hopefully I will be able to post some more pictures during my stay, but computer time is a bit limited as I don't want to hog my host's computer!  And I'm finding it difficult to use this foreign keyboard too - never thought about that before.


  1. You made it! You're there! It looks wonderful. I hope you have a marvelous trip! Can't wait to hear everything!

  2. Welcome to Europe I hope you are having a wonderful time, looking forward to hearing how you enjoyed it and photos.
    Yep I know what you mean about keyboards, have the same trouble when I go away.

  3. looks like you are having a very good time. I like your picture you posted. I am looking forward to you telling all about your trip when you get back.
    Have a really great time.

  4. I hope you are able to communicate with us while you're there, but understand if you can't. It sounds like a wonderful adventure! These photos are great!

  5. How wonderful to finally be there! Looking forward to hearing and seeing all about it, even if we have to wait until you get back. I love pictures! ;-)


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