Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Itchy, Itchy, Itchy!

This crazy burlap is indeed itchy!  The burlap coffee bags are fun to create with, but I am SO covered with the tiny fibers after working with it, that I have to strip in the laundry room and put clean clothes on when I'm done.  The result is worth the effort though - at least I think so.   This bag is for Daughter #2 - finished over the weekend:

Some of the new, bold fabric prints combine well with the old burlap - I love this fabric.  The next burlap bag project will be for ME, and will have a zipper closure.  Maybe a flap?  I'm not sure - I must ponder on that a bit more :)  


  1. These bags are impressive - you talented person you!
    Fox : )

  2. Does the bag itch next to you too? It really is nice and I love the coffee part especially!

    1. It doesn't seem to itch once it's all sewn together, though I still put fabric on the inside of the strap. It's the little fibers flying around the room after cutting it out that stick to my clothes that make me itch!

  3. Truely wonderful creations! I am so impressed by your bags...just perfect!


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