Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Ahead!

Wow - it's already 8 pm!  This daylight savings "spring ahead" stuff is making me crazy today.  I lost one hour, but I feel like I lost about FOUR.  Oh well - once the snow melts and things start turning green, it will all be worth it :)

I've finally finished an Easter Egg.  Yep.  Just one.  All weekend, and I have one (one!) done.  

The egg is a wooden egg that I stained and put a little clear coat on.  I just wanted to try that instead of painting the eggs.  I like how this looks!  I may try a paint color next time, possibly thinned with a little water so it looks like a colored stain.  I always have to try something different . . .

I used Lizbeth thread, "Springtime" size 20.  The pattern is from Renulek, found HERE.  I wasn't quite sure how to make the ends, so I just made rings with double the number of picots I needed to catch the chains.  How in the heck do you thread these and make everything stay put?  Sheesh.  I was driving myself crazy trying to fit it on the egg, so I ended up tacking the rings down on the ends with a dab of glue.  Then I threaded the single thread around and tied it in a little knot.  Done.  Now I'd like to try another one of her great patterns - and hopefully get a few more eggs done before Easter.

I also made a few pendants today.  Just some quick ones for a dog-loving coworker, and a few with a cute boxer picture for my girls and I.  The boxer looks like our Ruby :)

I originally got the glass tiles to make some pendants or charms with some of my photos.  Haven't done that yet, but this little project has me thinking about it again!  I've thought about trying to get some very close ups of tatting to use on these also.  More projects to ponder :)


  1. What to comment on first? I'm loving that egg! The dogs are wonderful! I love the brown egg, looks real! Great tatting! You are so talents!

  2. Your egg is marvelous! I meant to buy some of those to decorate last year... never got around to it. I guess there's still time, but then I'd have to stop working on my doily. I think I'll just admire yours... beautiful!

    I love your pendants!

  3. I've noticed Renulek's pretty eggs! You did a great job making it fit perfectly. I love 'Springtime', which looks great here!

    I wasn't happy to see daylight savings time. I like that it's lighter earlier, but I feel that time has speeded up, and I can't catch up! I felt that way all summer last year! I never had this problem when I was young!

    I like those photo necklaces, too! Do the tiles come with bails?

    1. This getting older stuff is for the birds!

      I had to order the bails separately from the tiles - there are different ones to choose from.

  4. Those eggs are fantastic! I did something like those necklaces once. Very cool!

  5. Very nice Easter Egg!! Like the colors!! :)


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