Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jan Stawasz Doily XI - Round 5 in the NORTH WOODS

Good thing Round 4 5 was simple rings and chains - that made it easy to tat sitting outside in beautiful, sunny, 75F degree weather!  Finally some nice weather.  Spring has been extremely slow, cold and rainy here, so this weekend was absolutely perfect weather.

It doesn't look so great UN-blocked, but hopefully I can coax this doily into a decent round shape.

Jan Stawasz Doily XI - Round 5

That was definitely all I was getting done while staying in the northern woods in one of our beautiful Minnesota State Parks.   With such beautiful weather and some new trails to explore, the weekend flew by with us just wandering around and exploring.  During the past few years, we have discovered we like these camper cabins in the parks.  There are usually 3 or 4 or them, and you have to reserve them waaaaaay ahead of time.  Sometimes a year in advance.  But, it's so worth it!  Neither of us cares to go back to a tent or invest in a camper.  The cabins are basic with bunks, a table, electricity, a screen porch and a campfire/picnic table yard.  The cabins are identical in each park, and are pretty secluded from one another.  This one was a four hour drive north from home.

Hiking looked like this:

I was in search of flowers like these in a boggy area:

Yellow Unknown, Dragons Mouth Orchid and Labrador Tea

White Unknown, Tiny Violet, Starflower

And this orchid especially:  
Actually, not really this one.  This is a Stemless Ladyslipper, one of several varieties.  The pink and white ladyslipper is the Minnesota State flower, and I think it's much prettier.  These were the only ladyslippers blooming so far.

And these two are insect eating plants - I didn't realize we had such plants here, but sure enough!

 The teeny, tiny Sundew 
(nothing like laying on the boardwalk through the bog to get a photo . . . )

And the Pitcher Plant - kind of weird, but interesting!

Of course, we got some enjoyment out of the beautiful lake too: 

And home again, home again, jiggety-jig.  
THAT went by WAY too fast.


  1. Hmmm... looks like a good reason to live in Minnesota! That's the kind of getaway weekend I could really get into!

  2. What beautiful pictures, flowers, cabin, everything. I'm longing for weather like that in hot and humid Texas. That tatting was beautiful, too. Can't wait to see the finished doily.

  3. Great collection of plant pics! And the doily looks fab!
    Fox : )

  4. Beautiful post...loved every moment of it...thank you for sharing!

  5. Your doily is coming along nicely. What a wonderful time, and all the pretty flowers you came across.

  6. Wow, do I live in that state too? How beautiful!

  7. Your photos are AMAZING!!
    And that doily is to die for. Of COURSE you will coax it perfectly into shape! If you can that beautifully in rustic can do anything.

  8. That doily is coming along beautifully!! :)
    Looks like a great place to visit!! :)

  9. Great post. Those cabins sound great. We've been talking about trying to do a few weekends at a lake or park and the idea of a basic cabin instead of a tent sounds absolutely wonderful! I'll have to keep an eye our for that type of thing around here.
    The doily is looking good, even without the blocking. Amazing that you got even that much tatting done with all that outdoors to enjoy ☺


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