Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stawasz Doily XI - Round 1

Doily XI - Round I
Jan Stawasz' Tatted Treasures
Size 20 Lizbeth, Latte Foam #168
I've been wanting to get started on a doily and FINALLY chose one that I thought I could handle.  Sometimes it seems like the pattern decision takes longer that actually tatting the project!  I chose this Jan Stawasz doily because it doesn't look like it has difficult elements, and it is worked in rounds.  I much prefer working in rounds to making oodles of motifs and joining them together.

So, feeling smug [once again] I started and ended the first round using loopers so I didn't have to sew in the ends.  It was beautiful and I was proud.  Oops.  When I started Round II, it came apart.  I forgot to pull the threads in opposite directions and secure them, so I sat my smug self down and did it again, sewing in the ends this time to be SURE it wouldn't come apart.  It's safer that way :)

I like my doilies to be neutral in color, and I usually prefer an ecru or cream color over white.  I thought the Latte Foam would be a good choice for the center and maybe the outer ring, with a solid ecru for the middle rounds.  I'm still deciding on whether or not to add a round of brown or a darker shade.  Any thoughts?


  1. WHAT??? Pull the thread in the opposite direction? Really?? Oh no..

    Your tatting is lovely and I like the thread a lot. I do not think you can go wrong sticking to it OR adding in a brown ...
    Fox : )

  2. I use filament loops all the time I tie the threads then pull them that way they cant come back out

  3. I use the magic thread trick/ loopers all the time. I always tie a tiny square knot before hiding my ends. I know that some tatters feel they can do without the knots, but not me.
    I think some plain ecru with a row somewhere of a brown and then the latte foam to end all would be very pretty.
    The brown would have to be not too deep or too large a row or it would overwhelm the rest of the doily. I have the book, I will have to look up the pattern.
    This looks good.

  4. Beautiful start to your doily. I love Jan Stawasz designs but am often intimidated at how complicated they can get. I think the Latte Foam is a great color for its subtle color changes, but I agree with Fox that you can't go wrong with either adding brown or staying with Latte Foam.

  5. Even more beautiful in person, I think!

  6. Great start to your doily, lovely thread, I brought a ball last week and have not tried it yet, it arrived with Jan's new book, like you I think I will be using it to try one of his patterns.
    Look forward to seeing it as it grows.

  7. It looks like you're off to a great start! I don't use the loop method... Too confusing for my tired ol' brain! Plus, I must hide my ends as I go. I can't stand the feel of dangling threads touching my oh-so-sensitive skin. ;-)

    What really happens is the hanging threads get tangled up, and I get very frustrated!

    I do love the Latte Foam. It's a nice neutral color, and it gives the finished piece an antique look.


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