Sunday, August 11, 2013

Need a Fix?

Our Twin Cities Tatters group met yesterday, and in trying to decide what to work on, I decided I needed something easy and relaxing.  I can never concentrate on anything but rings and chains while chatting, and besides, after that Jan Stawasz doily I needed something that wouldn't take much brain work :)

Recently, Jon Yusoff (Tat-a-Renda) posted a simple bookmark for practicing split rings.  Good for a split ring beginner, yes, but I like the look as well as having something fairly simple to do at times when my brain is not ready to be exercised fully as well.  Besides, who can't use some more split ring practice?

So, if you need a quick tatting fix, this is a good one.  I need to replenish my bookmark stash anyway!

Jon Yusoff's Bookmark with Split Ring Centre
Lizbeth Wildflower Garden, Size 20


  1. Gorgeous bookmark, well done it looks lovely

  2. It looks great! That bookmark is on my to-do list, and I think I have that thread. I think I'm stuck in snowflake mode right now, so it will remain on my list for the time being.

  3. Yes, when I'm talking I like to tat but nothing complicated. This looks like a great pattern for that situation. It looks very well done. I haven't tried that color yet, maybe it's time for another order from Handy Hands ☺


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