Sunday, March 8, 2015

WIOSNA 2015 Doily-Round 6

I finally completed Round 6 - in 6 hours 12 minutes!  I don't really know if my time is accurate - I let the timer run while answering the phone, and then forgot to turn it on right away a few times.  It's at least close.  I'm determined to continue timing to see how long a doily really takes me!

I'm really enjoying tatting this doily.  The rounds are easy, repetitve patterns, and good for observing tension and such.  I still think I need to practice consistent tension.  Now I'm ready to get on with the next round!

This past week my Dad had back surgery, and Mom stayed with us since they live out of town.  We went back and forth to the Veteran's Hospital where Dad was, and were really impressed by the hospital coordination.  During the 7+ hour surgery, we had updates often, and the staff was fabulous throughout his stay.  The VA Hospitals get a bad rap in the news media, but the Minneapolis hospital leaves me confident that they provide absolutely wonderful clinic and hospital care.  Dad is back home with Mom as Chief Nurse - he continues to be in good hands!

Last night, hubby and I went to a dinner at a local VFW Post (Veterans of Foreign War) honoring our niece.  She has been the President of the Military Order of Cooties (Women's Auxiliary) for the state of Minnesota for the past year.  This group of women coordinates and provides the state's Veteran's Hospitals and Homes with visits and sometimes small gifts.  It was fitting to celebrate her hard work after my Dad just spent the week at the VA Hospital, and he did have visits from both the Minnesota and Wisconsin Cooties Auxiliary groups.  Our niece and her sisters, as well as their children (teens from 14-18), are very involved in VFW work as their dad (my brother-in-law) is a Vietnam Veteran.  It was wonderful to see them all there - helping with everything from setup to food to cermonies to cleanup.  

So, a bit of stress, a bit of pride, and some warmer temperatures and sunshine round out my week.  And daylight savings time is here! Any snow or cold weather we get now won't last long.  I think spring is finally in view.


  1. Love seeing your progress on this - just gorgeous!

  2. First off your doily is wonderful and the delicate pink flowers are wonderful surrounded in the white, I too am nearing the end of this round and did also find it went by fast.
    Glad your father's surgery went well and he has had great care, that is nice to hear and I to am looking forward to spring we had a touch of it today.

    1. Thanks - I am really enjoying each round of this doily.

  3. The whole thing is looking great, and I particularly like those pink flowers,: )

  4. Your doily looks great! I'm still only halfway done with this round, so I guess I have some catching up to do. I hope your dad recovers quickly!

  5. Your doily is looks lovely. I like the colors you've chosen, the rounds of color really stand out from the white. I'm glad your dad is doing well. My parents were members of the VFW but not as much as your niece and her family. Fond memories, though.

  6. Your doily is looking absolutely fabulous!!! :)


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