Monday, June 15, 2015

More Wedding Stuff

I completed the sash, or belt if you will, for my daughter's wedding dress.  The alterations fitting is tomorrow evening, so I needed to have the straps and belt ready as planned.  Nothing like last minute completion!

The sash was an idea from the bridal shop that we used to incorporate more lace from Mom's wedding dress - just a little bit more.

I started out by making several organza fabric flowers testing out different ideas and sizes.

I ended up making a larger focal piece adding tulle and lace from Mom's dress, and then we thought a smaller flower or two would be good.

In the end, we agreed that just the focal piece was good without any additional flowers, as we were adding another lace sort of piece as well off to the side.  Less is more in this case - we don't want to take away from the beauty of the actual dress, either.

The bridal shop had originally suggested this beautiful Vera Wang sash . . .

So, crafting our own seemed fairly simple.  I ended up with the below, using a cut out piece of lace from mom's dress as a sort of appliqué.  It was flimsy, so I added some stiffening spray - that worked great.  We have decided it is even BETTER than Vera's!  Hopefully it will look as good when it's on the dress - we shall see.

Just call me Bluebird Wang.  Lol.


  1. Exquisite creation! It will be perfect!

  2. Oh, definitely, Mme Bluebird Wang !!! Your sash looks stunning ! Take a bow (( pun intended)) :-)

    Looking forward to more pics of your creative journey ....

  3. Ahh I love where you went with this :)

  4. I love the sash Bluebird Wang! This is sure to be a gorgeous wedding dress!

  5. Oh dear, will you ever be able to just tat again with us mere mortals, dear Bluebird Wang? It's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BB Wang! I see a trademark there. :-) Your daughter is lucky to have such a talented mom.


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