Monday, August 3, 2015

Love and Love!

He loved the quilt.

We had ice cream from Dairy Queen to celebrate the Big 3-0 birthday yesterday.  The birthday boy is thrilled to have his own quilt - and not to have to use the pink one or the zebra print one that my daughter so kindly shares.  Ha!  And for his birthday, he ... yep ... went fishing.

We girls also loved the bachelorette party for the girl in love :) Saturday, the bride-to-be and her wonderful friends gathered for one last hoo-rah before the wedding.  We painted and drank wine while chatting for about 3 hours.  I definitely do not know how to paint.  Especially not clouds.  It's harder than it seems like it should be!  I think I was following directions (to a fault) rather than thinking about the picture I was creating.

My cousin joined us for the day - she IS an artist.  Her clouds are perfect.

On with the last couple of weeks before the big day!  


  1. Such a happy happy post .... kept smiling the entire time reading it :-)

  2. Yours looks pretty darned good! A fun time... : )

    p.s. The quilt looks awesome.

  3. That quilt is beautiful you did a marvelous job, looks like a great time with fun memories for all!

  4. That looks like a fun time! I'm not allowed to hold a paint brush unless it's being used for ModPodge. I just make a mess!

  5. Splendid quilt! Personally I avoid paint and glue as much as possible, but it looks as though you all had fun.

  6. That quilt is amazing! I love your painting too.

  7. Glad the quilt was a hit - it looks great! What a neat idea for a bachelorette party- or any party. All those smiles say it was a fun time!


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