Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Little Motifs and a Messy Cave

My cave has been one busy room today!  (It also looks like a tornado hit it - ha!)

I needed to get some tatting time in, so I dug through my thread to find some to match my new bag.

Wait. I had to finish the bag first.

Yesterday, I decided to make another of a bag I really like for carting around many different items.  It is divided into 3 sections, so it's great for work, my camera stuff, or various projects.  I decided to make one to match one of the dorset bags I made with the same fabric. (Fancy, no?)  

This is the "X" bag:

It actually holds a lot more than it looks like it would.  Maybe that's why I like it?

Then I needed to cover up my horrible sewing on the little tab closure. So, I thought a little tatted motif would be better than a large button.  I found a couple of matching threads, and quickly realized that size 20 was too large - so did it again in size 80. (This rifling through the thread contributed to the tornadic look of my cave. Who puts bins back until thoroughly satisfied?)  

The New Tatting book by Tomoko Morimoto has many great motifs to choose from - this is the Square Flower Motif.  It's still a little big, but it will be fine when I get it tacked down.   I'm still deciding if maybe a burgundy motif would be better before I do any final tacking.  More rifling ahead, I'm afraid.

Since I'm obsessed with the amount of time it takes me to tat something, I discovered this little bugger takes me 40 minutes to make.  No wonder it's hard for me to work on a large project.  I have a hard time sitting still that long! The button would have been faster - but I like the tatted accent.  This does explain why I turn to sewing in between tatting projects, though.  I feel like I really accomplish something for the hours I spend in my cave :)

Now I have a complete set.  I really do love this fabric ;)

And, a few folks have asked about some wedding photos!  We are ANXIOUSLY awaiting the professional photos to see some great shots of that beautiful day.  Unfortunately, all we have are a few phone pictures that don't show off the dress and sash, but I'll share a couple of the beautiful bride!  The straps made from mom's wedding dress show the best on this one:

And someone grabbed this shot from their seat:

Makes me tear up just reliving the moment.  There WILL be more photos.  Eventually.  You can be sure I will be sharing!

P.S.  Did I mention we will have another wedding in October 2016?  My other daughter!  It's such an exciting time for our family right now!


  1. I LOVE your set! Your enthusiasm almost makes me want to sew, but right now the Jan Stawasz Masterpiece is always on my mind. I think I'll take on smaller projects next year! ;-)

    Another wedding?! How awesome! It is an exciting time!

  2. Wow! Another post - lots of sewing - plus photos from the wedding!

    The lace straps on the gown look totally natural, and I would have thought it came that way! It was such a great idea! Looks like you had beautiful weather that day! So happy for the beautiful bride! I look forward to more photos! I'm glad you have a year between weddings. My cousin's three kids (son, daughter, son) got married three months apart (Oct. '87, March '88 and June '88)!

    Your bags are fabulous! Very clever styles and so nicely done! Perfect use for hat great fabric. The tatted accent is perfect as a closure! You may be getting requests to make these!!

  3. Gorgeous girls! Lovely lace straps. : )) Congrats!

  4. Wow if that is phone pictures you will be very happy with the professional ones :) I bet you are or should be very happy with all the things you got accomplished in last few months every one looks happy.
    I love that fabric and the tatting you added, makes me want to sew too!

  5. Fabulous bag! And the tatting makes the perfect closure.

  6. Love that bag and fabric! What pattern did you use? I wonder if a rank amateur could manage one . . .

    Your bride is absolutely beautiful and her dress is too!

  7. Looks like a fabulous bag and such awesome material!!! :)

  8. what is the fabric called -- I'd love to get my hands on some of that pretty stuff! Your stitchwork is excellent!!

    1. I am SO sorry - I didn't see this comment until now. The fabric line is called "Lost and Found Love" by Riley Blake. I did just find some of this line in my local quilt shop. Originally I purchased it online.

    2. I am SO sorry - I didn't see this comment until now. The fabric line is called "Lost and Found Love" by Riley Blake. I did just find some of this line in my local quilt shop. Originally I purchased it online.


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